Facebook wants to left out the hoaxes


Those who one day believed in the citizen journalism as the new source of information, don’t saw how easy is to fool some people and make them spread a hoax. Some hoax are just classics: “Resend More...

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How to Live a More Active Lifestyle

Active lifestyle

If you’re stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, or are battling obesity, there are ways for you to become more active in your everyday life. While joining a gym, like thefitnessmosaic.com, More...

Organic Toddler Food for Health Conscious Parents

Organic food for toddler

Whether you chose to breastfeed or formula feed your precious baby, you made a decision that was best for you, your baby, and your family. Now that your baby is old enough to More...

Why Different Forms of Massage Require Different Massage Tables

Massage tables

The most important piece of equipment for a massage therapist is a massage table. This is because it helps to keep a client comfortable and relaxed whilst they are receiving More...

Cloud computing for business

Mobile Computing and The Cloud Can Help You Build Your Business

Modern business moves at the speed of light. Companies find their need to compete means being able to respond in real time with employees who can work on the go. Mobile computing More...

How to make your website stand out in 2015

The new year is upon us and we’re already looking forward to the rise of new trends, be they in fashion, music or even web design. The latter is one that’s of most More...

Kim Jong-Un should be accountable for grave human rights abuses

Kim Jong-Un

The last report of Human Right Watch says what everyone knows in the world: the north korean regime is not just disrespectful More...

Kaboni Savage: when there’s no jail hard enough

Witness crime

What can we do, we the people, when a man has no enough punishment after being jailed and, still in prison, can More...

news-feed-fewer-hoaxes-example Facebook wants to left out the hoaxes

Those who one day believed in the citizen journalism as the new source of information, don’t...

Recycling phones Recycling phones and the growth of social media in the Arab world

The explosion of social media sites around the world has had a huge impact on the...

Future cars How do you think the cars will be in 2025?

While in “Back to the future” the 2015’s cars simply were flying machines, the automotive industry...

The Importance of a Happy Dog

Happy dog

To use a very tired cliché: dogs are man’s best friend. They’re loyal and intelligent. Cats are quite intelligent More...

Three Things You Need for the Ultimate American Back Yard

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Make the Right Choices for Your Front Door, and Let It Reflect Your Personality

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Think Before You Speak: Tourist Tips For Non-English-Speaking Countries

Foreign languajes

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Readying Your Car For A Road Trip

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Nancy, France: The Daum And Other Great Destination Points

Nancy, France evokes culture, style, elegance and grace through its architecture, Art Nouveau buildings, and historic train station blended with modern..