Most urban schools in U.S. get a failing grade


A new report says urban schools in the United States are failing to offer a quality education—especially when it comes to opportunities for poor students and students of color, who now make up the majority More...

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Why do placebos treat pain in U.S. clinical trails?


The success of placebos in managing chronic pain may be why so many clinical trials for drugs to treat pain fail, a new study suggests. For a new study, researchers analyzed the More...

Why Thanksgiving should be national ‘cheat day’


If you’re worried about all the extra calories you’ll likely consume on Thanksgiving, nutritionist Roberta Anding says don’t stress about it. She thinks Thanksgiving Day More...

The Pros and Cons of Bariatric Surgery

Nobody wants to be overweight. This isn’t just because it doesn’t look nice either. It is hard to buy nice clothes, to walk around, to be healthy, and to generally take part More...


Online ‘buddies’ beat ads for promoting fitness

The social influence of online peers is more effective for improving people’s exercise habits than are motivational messages, a new study finds. The research, recently published More...

Key Elements of Reputation Management and Brand Identity

If somebody leaves a bad review about you or your business online, it can be incredibly damaging. Luckily, through good reputation management services, you are able to mitigate More...

Are customer-led ratings a fair way of regulating social work agencies?

Care Quality Commission

There are several different social care regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom, each responsible for certain aspects of More...

Canada Bares Plan to Allow Entry of Syrian Refugees: Will the US Follow Suit?

Syrian refugees

In spite of more than half of Canadians opposing the Liberal government’s plan to accept Syrian refugees into More...

Oculus Rift New wearables set to hit the market

Smart wearable technology really came in to its own this year with a number of high...

airport_fire_1170 Add this to jet fuel for fewer explosions

A new polymer added to jet fuel can reduce the chance of an explosion after a...

passionflower_1170 Invasive plants roam the world via eBay

Goldenrod, Himalayan balsam, and Chinese windmill palm are all native to continents other than Europe, but arrived...

Most urban schools in U.S. get a failing grade


A new report says urban schools in the United States are failing to offer a quality education—especially More...

Having to ‘parent’ as a kid can hinder moms later

Mothers who took on burdensome caregiving roles as children—and weren’t allowed to just “be kids”—tend to be less sensitive to their..

Getting Out Of Debt

Financial strain can hit you at just about any time. If you are on top of your expenses and stick to..

Gut transit time changes with ‘traveler’s diet’


To better understand the importance of gut bacteria in human health, researchers measured the time it takes More...

How to Make Sure You Don’t Burn out with Stress before You Travel

A vacation is supposed to be something that makes you feel relaxed. You are supposed to be able to unwind and..

Gap year packing & tips

Packing for a holiday can be difficult. Packing for a gap year can be near impossible. You’re constantly packing, unpacking, packing..

El Niño heat sets off waves of dengue fever

vietnam_heatwave_1170 New research shows that epidemics of dengue—caused by a mosquito-borne virus—across southeast Asia appear to be linked to the abnormally high..