Diving whales offer clues to making synthetic blood


Deep-diving whales can remain active while holding their breath for up to two hours. Figuring out how they do it may help scientists create lifesaving synthetic blood for human trauma patients. For a new More...

by Newsroom | Published 2 days ago

Popular diet for autism doesn’t pass tough test


Gluten-free, casein-free diets have become popular complementary treatments for children with autism spectrum disorder, but a new study finds that eliminating these foods had no More...

How the ‘body map’ connects babies to other people


“Body maps” show how the parts of the brain associated with touch map the surface of the body. Although researchers have studied the body maps of adult humans and other More...

Leptospirosis is growing threat to world’s poor


The global burden of a tropical disease known as leptospirosis is far greater than previously estimated, according to a new study. It results in more than 1 million new infections More...

Loan for a car

With So Many Different Types of Loans, Which One Is Right for You?

The number of different loan types that are out there seems endless. Your personal credit score and the reason why you need a loan are two important factors in determining which More...

These innovative countries outperform their peers

Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States are the world’s five most innovative nations, according to the Global Innovation Index 2015. China, More...

Report aims to debunk anti-immigration myths


Immigration is shaping up to be among the top wedge issues in the 2016 presidential race. GOP front-runner Donald Trump is More...

Criminals get guns from friends not stores


A survey of inmates in Chicago suggests most criminals don’t steal guns. Instead they get them from family or More...

chimpanzee_reaching_1170 Cameras on wings join ecology ‘toolbox’

Caribou in Greenland inspired ecologist Jeff Kerby to turn to drones. Caribou can travel long distances,...

eBike Want to Convert Your Old Bicycle to a Modern E Bike? Here’s How!

A lot of people would love to own an e bike, or electronic bike. However, these...

wireless_symbol_1170 Engineers dare others to build a better terahertz multiplexer

Scientists and engineers have only recently started exploring the potential of terahertz waves for a new...

Nearly half of U.S. seafood supply is wasted


As much as 47 percent of the edible US seafood supply is wasted each year, primarily at the consumer level, More...

SSI overlooks some poor children with disabilities

Poverty and mental disability form a tragic pairing for hundreds of thousands of children in the United States. The Supplemental Security..

Teens in small towns more likely to abuse painkillers

Teenagers who live in rural communities are 35 percent more likely to abuse prescription painkillers than those living in bigger cities. “Over 1.3 million..

How to Make Sure You Don’t Burn out with Stress before You Travel

Woman stressed out before holidays

A vacation is supposed to be something that makes you feel relaxed. You are supposed to be able to unwind and More...

Gap year packing & tips

Packing for a holiday can be difficult. Packing for a gap year can be near impossible. You’re constantly packing, unpacking, packing..

5 Majestic Mountains to Visit in Your Lifetime

Earth is full of natural beauty, from its deep blue oceans to its awe-inspiring mountains. In this post we have listed..