How firms can profit from the sharing economy


Consumers now have the option of sharing more and more products via services like Uber and Airbnb, for example. New research finds that this sharing economy is actually good news for manufacturers. “These More...

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The Next Big Thing- Online Personal Training


I think we have all, at one point or another, listened our doctor discuss the importance of exercise. The FDA has repeatedly proven the health benefits of exercise: it keeps weight More...

Strategies for Coping with Female Hair Loss


Hair loss is devastating for a woman. Whilst men are accustomed to losing their hair and male baldness is common, a woman’s self-esteem is often tied up in how she looks and More...

Always Thinks About This Before You Buy Pain Medication


Nowadays, it is incredibly easy to find pain medication. That is especially the case when we look at the internet. If you are patient enough and you know where to look, you are More...


How firms can profit from the sharing economy

Consumers now have the option of sharing more and more products via services like Uber and Airbnb, for example. New research finds that this sharing economy is actually good More...

What Could Have Prevented These 5 Recent Corporate PR Disasters?

Corporate PR disasters don’t happen. They’re made. And, though every debacle has its own unique set of contributing factors, poor internal and external communication is at More...

Gospel for Asia: Changing Lives Through Religious Values

Despite efforts to improve the plight of many Asian communities in the last 20 years, sadly there is still a great deal of More...

Experts predict the next US states for Zika infections

Aedes aegypti

Nearly 400 non-travel-related Zika infections will occur in Florida before the end of the summer, according to More...

on-body-graphic Use your body, not WiFi, to transmit secure passwords

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Vacuum cleaner

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Gift Ideas for Emergency Services Personnel

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Physicist explains why time travel isn’t possible

time_travel_1600-1 A simple question from his wife—Does physics really allow people to travel back in time?—propelled physicist Richard Muller on a quest..