Hollow gold nanospheres

Synthesis of Hollow Gold Nanospheres
Presenting the third in a series of Perspective videos: this one from the Jin Zhang Research Group at the University of California, Santa Cruz, featuring gra...
Gold Nanoparticles
Gold Nanoparticles.
Au Nanorods
Technology Transfer - NANOSPHERES Bio Degradeable Hollow Core Spheres NUIG
NANOSPHERES Bio Degradeable Hollow Core Spheres NUIG.
Plasmon-Controlled Fluorescence: Beyond the Intensity Enhancement
This Perspective discusses how control over light absorption and emission using plasmonic nanostructures is an enabling technology, which can dramatically en...
Amorphous Carbon Nanospheres
Amorphous carbon nanosphere used as the anode material for Li-intercalation in Lithium-ion energy storage. This structure was obtained through a thermal anne...
High pressure homogenizer malfunction
High pressure homogenizer malfunction.
Nanoparticle formation
Combustion formation of nanoparticles.
Nylon Synthesis Lab - Polymerization
Step 2: Preparation of the iron (II) solution