Martial arts weapons

THE DEADLIEST WEAPONS OF MARTIAL ARTS - Discovery/History/Fighting (documentary)
the deadliest weapons of martial arts (documentary). thanks for watching history life discovery science technology tech learning education tlc national natur...
THE DEADLY WEAPONS OF KUNG FU - Martial Arts/Fighting/History (documentary)
the deadly weapons of kung fu (documentary). thanks for watching history life discovery science technology tech learning education national nature geographic...
Martial Arts Weapons in the Dojo
Walking through the dojo with Mr. Peter Carbone provides a showing of several weapons, including the sai, manji nuti sai, kama, and muge. Part 8 of an interv...
Amazing Martial Arts Prodigy! MUST WATCH! Noah Fort Extreme Weapons Tricks Demonstration
Noah Fort age 11, show your support for this amazing kid by sharing and liking and check out Total Submission Extreme Bo Staffs on Facebook For licensing/usa...
Nunchakus, katana, bo staff / stick, kamas - Martial arts weapons freestyle training
Freestyle martial arts video training : double nunchaku / nunchucks, katana / sword, bo staff, kamas My stunts demo reel 2012 :
Street Weapons - What can you LEGALLY CARRY!? MUST SEE for Martial Artists
See the article this video is based on here at my blog LEARN CQC & RAW SILAT ONLINE TODAY!!
ATA Strong - 2012 World Ceremony - Part 5 - "Mike Chat Performance Weapons Demonstration"
ATA Strong: 2012 Songahm Taekwondo World Ceremony Part 5 - Watch Mr. Mike Chat, former Power Ranger and 5th degree black belt as he is talked into performing...
Xtreme Martial Arts- Weapons- Sammy Smith for more videos of Sammy, photos and other stuff too.
Master Moves of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) - Human Weapon
History Channel : Human Weapon.
Suo Liu - Martial Arts Weapons Demo
In order of appearance: Double Broadsword Straight Sword 3 - Section Staff Staff/Cudgel Single Broadsword Sword and Shield Shot & Edited by Leo Kei Angelos: ...