Neurological disorders

Neurological Disorders
Big Picture Biology tutorial video by Sheldon Joseph, Ph.D., cell physiologist, educator at, and inventor at
Acute Neurological Disorders
Chapter 22.
A study of neurological movement disorders PART 1
A set improvisational movement study of neurological movement disorders portrayed through 5 stages of infection. Filmed for assessment in 2010 at NSCD.
Kleine Levin Syndrome - Rare neurological disorder
Click here to learn more about KLS: Alanna Wong was featured in a BBC documentary in 2008. The...
Neurological Disorders 1 of 2
Neurological disorders.
Neuro Basic Over View (Parkinsons vs. M.S. vs. MG vs. ALS 850+ videos on EVERYTHING NURSING over 20000 students helped.
Whole-genome Testing and the Possibility of Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders
Visit: Soon everyone can have their genome sequenced. Will this information improve health, or simply clarify our fate? Series: "MIND I...
Neurological Disorders as Alternate Ways of Being
There isn't always a positive side to conditions like autism or Tourette's Syndrome, but it's important not to only think in terms of defects and problems. T...
Comorbidity in Neurological Disorders
This short video describes what comorbidity is in neurological disorders, and why it's important to understand. If you follow the link below to my site, you'...
New Meds in Development: Neurological Disorders
Neurological disorders - such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease - inflict great pain and suffering on patients and their families, and ...