Vigorous exercise

Dr. Oz: Get a Daily Dose of Vigorous Exercise
vigorous exercise helps against flu risk
Doing at least two and a half hours of vigorous exercise each week cuts the chance of developing flu, new data suggests. Around 4800 people took part in thi...
Vigorous Exercise Improves Healthy Aging A New Study Shows
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Vigorous Exercise Demonstration by Professor Pippermill
Professor Hedrick Pippermill displays his unique methods for keeping a trim, fit body. He is an inspiration to Nerds Make Media:
Parkinson's Disease - Vigorous Exercise. Neil Sligar June 2011
This second video of Neil's shows him doing baseline neurological tests (tapping of fingers and foot 64 times each etc - before and after exercise). This was...
JDRF Conference: The Effects of Vigorous Exercise on the Artificial Pancreas
At the 7th Annual JDRF Diabetes Today and Tomorrow Conference and Exhibits on May 10, 2014 in Metro Detroit, Michigan, Mark DeBoer, MD, MsC, MCR explains how...
What Kind of Exercise to Cool the Muscles After Vigorous Exercise? : Yoga, Stretching & Exercises
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Green Drinks, Intermittent Fasting and Vigorous Exercise - Our Threefold Way
President Jesse Schwartz takes you through the "Threefold Way" to natural health encouraged by Living Tree Community Foods.
Vigorous exercise is GOOD for you! Excerpt from The Clinic by Dr. H - Exercise
At The Clinic by Dr. H, you'll learn what vigorous exercise really has to offer you on your way to health and fitness. Here, in this excerpt from the Lecture...