Plenty of companies, especially small businesses, avoid investing in disaster recovery because they assume it is not affordable for them. There are options however, that small businesses can take advantage of so that they are prepared for any potential disaster.

Failures and even natural disasters are a reality that can happen at any time and a business needs to be fully prepared to get back online should anything occur. Even a smaller business needs to have backup data so that they are not ruined by an unexpected even that they cannot recover from. Options like off-site protection and cloud backups are affordable solutions that can get a business back online faster and more effectively.

Traditional Data Backup

Older methods of data backup for disaster recovery could be complex and expensive to invest in. It might have made sense in the past for smaller businesses to avoid dealing with data backup with the difficulty of using backup tapes which can be misplaced or unavailable during a natural disaster. Cloud backups are a new and more effective way of providing disaster recovery that small businesses can easily take advantage of.

Backups that are stored in the cloud will not be lost and will be protected from any kind of natural disaster in your local area. Cloud backups are always readily accessible and can be quickly transferred to your server from the backup location. Your business can be back online in a matter of a couple of days rather than weeks.

Solid Disaster Recovery Plan Is Essential

A good disaster recovery plan can save you a lot of money on recovering lost data. For a small business, it is worthwhile to spend some money investing in disaster recovery now so that you can avoid having to pay thousands of dollars to recover your data that was not well-protected. It is important to have data that is protected in an off-site location so that it is not affected in the event of a natural disaster like a flood or hurricane that affects the area where your equipment is located.

An off-site location can also help if there is a power failure in your own facility because data will remain unaffected because it is not on premise. Failure in your area would not have to mean losing too much time or business because the data can easily be transferred from the off-site location.

Maintaining Business Uptime

Keeping your business running and avoiding any kind of loss is an important concern so it is a good idea to have multiple disaster recovery plans to keep your data as safe as possible. Different providers can be cheaper than others and some are faster at getting you back online. Using different providers and different kinds of technology can help ensure that you have options after a disaster that could mean the cheapest and fastest way to recover.

Using cloud backups and also adding in image-based backups can give you a safer bet when you are ready to retrieve your data. Adding in different kind of technology can make it possible to avoid running into any problems in the process of recovery and can also help you make sure you get the best deal for your DR plan.

About the author
Leo Hart is a cloud computing expert and has years of experience helping small and medium businesses prepare for the worst through disaster recovery hosting at Custom Cloud.


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