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How Customer Service Is Different In The Internet World


A lot of things have changed in the way we do business thanks to the internet. Gone are the days when customers would simply ask around for references and come into a store or office armed with a hundred questions. This shift in the way customer service is done can be great for a small company, but it has it’s fair share of problems as well. One of the biggest is holding the customer’s attention long enough to answer their questions in an effective way that still feels personal. You don’t want to lose that special touch! The best way to do this when you are communicating through a website is by having a Frequently Asked Questions page.

A FAQ section added to your site can actually be the answer to all of your questions about how to handle customer service when you aren’t actually speaking face to face or on the phone with the customer. Here are a few reasons it is best to use a Frequently Asked Questions page to connect with your reader online.

License: Creative Commons
License: Creative Commons

24/7 Access

Some of the giant companies out in the market today are open and available for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It isn’t uncommon for some to even be open on holidays. Not only can most smaller businesses not compete with this, they may not even want to. A FAQ page is a way to, in a sense, have your business open all the time. Although you can not actually service the customer through your website this way, you can answer their questions, provide them with decision making help, and tell them all the different ways and times they can get in contact.

Covers All Bases

Some companies may need to convey a lot of information on their website in order to be useful. This can get tricky because it is hard to get everything said in a way that makes sense and doesn’t look cluttered. There can’t be a different page for each piece of information! A FAQ page allows you to use a Q&A format to put everything in one place, while still looking neat and professional.

Easy to Navigate

Just simply putting the information all into one place will make the information easier for your customers to find! Remember, the easier information is to find, the more likely this potential client will take their relationship with you a step further. But that’s not the only difference it can make. You will also be breaking all the information up into groups and categories, and also listing the questions from most important, to least important. This leads to easy scanning and spotting of answers.

You don’t want them to get discouraged and move on! Doing it this way will give your customers the most information, with the least amount of work. A Frequently Asked Questions page can answer a lot of questions your potential customers are curious to know, without you needing to be available 24/7!

About the author

Kent Allen is the founder of FaqTacular, a service that allows companies to manage their FAQ’s without having to get the IT departments involved.


  1. Internet customers are plain idiots.
    If you work in a customer care center as I do you’ll receive every day the most ashtonishing calls and strange petitions than any people can receive. I’m sure they aren’t stupid enough to ask the same things in a brick ad mortar business.


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