Did you know that in a typical office, almost half of the pages printed are recycled at the end of a working day? Just imagine how much money on paper, ink and electricity you would have saved if the people who printed those pages thought twice about hitting the Print button. No matter what the nature of your business is, there will always be documents to print. But it does not mean that you should waste your company’s office resources on printing expenses.

When all employees are made aware of the things that they can do when it comes to saving money on printing-related expenses, you will be saving a lot on office supplies and electricity. Not only that, but you can do your share in helping save the environment as well by cutting back on your use of electricity, ink and paper.

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Rules to Follow to Save Money when Printing

The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to save money when printing. Here are a few rules that you can implement in the office to save money on printing-related costs:

  • Think before you print.

This is a golden rule that all employees need to follow before hitting the Print button. If you’ve already read the e-mail sent to you by your boss, do you even need a hard copy of it? If you’ve already familiarized yourself with the steps to follow about a new business process, why add the printed copy of the list to your already substantial paperwork? If you don’t need a hard copy of a particular file, do not print at all.

  • Make sure that the printer you’re buying is ink-friendly.

If you’re part of an office’s management team and you are about to buy supplies, make sure that the printer model you are buying is ink-friendly in the first place. For law offices that churn out mountains of paperwork on a daily basis, a monochrome printer would do instead of a pricier color printer. Meanwhile, those who work in advertising agencies would need to use colored inkjet or laser printers. Whether you’re buying a monochrome or color printer, it does pay to go with an ink-friendly model. Its savings will pay off big time in the long run.

  • Use both sides of the paper.

Next, make sure to use both sides of the paper when printing. As mentioned earlier, half of the documents in a typical office get recycled at the end of the day – so you might as well use the other part of the paper to save money.

  • Eliminate unnecessary elements on a page before printing.

If you’re printing a web page, there will be URLs printed on color, as well as pictures, ads and other unnecessary text that will be included. Before hitting the Print button, make sure that you only have the plain text version of the page to save money on ink. There are even apps that you can download that will help you edit those unnecessary elements before printing so you can save on ink.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you can do to save money on printing in your business. Follow these so you won’t have to spend any more than you have to on paper, ink and electricity.

This article is written by Sarah.


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