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The Must Have Categories For Your FAQ Page

BusinessThe Must Have Categories For Your FAQ Page

Perhaps the biggest thing to keep in mind while writing a Frequently Asked Questions page for your business is readability. When reading, there is a good chance your customer is going to be skimming the page for quick answers. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to group your questions into categories, making information easy to both find and navigate to. Although every company is different, listed below you will find the top 5 categories most businesses should have on their site. With some slight adjustments these topics can be applied to any business, whether big or small, selling a product or providing a service. However, when building your page keep in mind that not all businesses will require having some version of all five. For some three or four may suffice.

Who We Are or How it Works

If the service you provide, or the product you make, requires any kind of explanation, here is where you would place questions pertaining to what you do or make. It’s best to lay them out step by step, placing questions in the same order as each move in the process.

If your business is a more traditional concept that needs no clarification, such as a dentist or accountant, this category is where you should take the time to answer questions about the background of the people who work there, or their specialties. In addition, you may want to address questions about your company philosophy, practices, or any edge you feel you may have over the competition.

 Image courtesy of MyBlogGuest
Image courtesy of MyBlogGuest


Especially if nowhere else on your site, or awkwardly placed elsewhere, under this topic you can put answers to the most basic of information such as hours, directions, and the best ways to get in touch. Providing it in this manner can make it less of a hunt for visitors to find. It is a good idea to keep this category placed towards the top, since these questions are the most often asked and quickest to answer.

Policies & Procedures

For an online shop or a website for a brick and mortar store, a lot of your patron’s uncertainty will be about returns and shipping.It is also where a medical office, or anywhere providing a service, can put into writing steps to be taken for new patients/clients, and links to documents that may need to be printed and filled out ahead of time.Information on cancellations and schedulingalso fits here.

Payment & Pricing

Here you can address any issue ranging from how prices are broken down, to what forms of payment you accept. If you are a medical professional of some kind, you can also consider putting information having to do with acceptance and filling of insurance. Additionally, questions may be about due dates, tax information, and who to get in touch with for questions about a specific payment or price.

Privacy & Security

Whether you are a doctor’s office or an online shop, providing answers to common concerns about the privacy and security of your customer’s information is not just helpful, but also reassuring to the customer.Include the responses to concerns such as how credit card information is protected and the company policy for handling and protecting client contact information.


This group is for websites that have any kind of account that their shoppers and clients can sign up for. Inquiries about things like changing a password or viewing purchase history would be listed here. This is one of the most important categories, since having some troubleshooting built right into the site is convenient for you as well as the customer.

Kent Allen is the founder of FaqTacular, a service that allows companies to manage their FAQ’s without having to get the IT departments involved.


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