You want to become a blogger? Do you know what it takes to avoid losing interest along the way? This piece tells you all you need to know.

Pick a niche

Most new bloggers make the mistake of setting up a blog where they can talk about just about anything that grabs their attention. It sounds like a nice proposition at first but it isn’t sustainable. To become a successful blogger, you have to focus on a particular niche. The niche you focus on must be one you are very passionate about or else you are already on your way to losing interest half-way into your blogging career. Focusing on a niche also makes it easy for you to manage entries and become useful to other people in your selected arena. There are many niches to choose from including technology, sports, lifestyle, parenting, dogs, cats etc. so you should know where your interest lies. The more specific you go the better in general. This piece on how to choose a blogging niche is worth a read.

Pick a catchy name

The name of the blog should be interesting and easy to remember. It is a vital blog characteristic that will keep your visitors coming back. The name doesn’t have to be related to the focus of the blog but it is good to explore your options. The best name is one that is memorable and reflects what the site is about.

Simple steps to becoming a successful blogger

Choose a domain and a webhost for your blog

A domain is simply taking the name you have settled for online. Here is a good piece on choosing a domain name.

A webhost gives you the virtual space you need to get going on the web. When choosing webhosts, you need to bear in mind that they can make or mar your blogging career. It is the webhost that, largely, determines how long it will take for your website to load when someone accesses it. Choosing the wrong webhost can also leave you prone to your blog getting attacked by malware or hackers. Many new bloggers don’t think of this but it quickly becomes a problem when they start growing in popularity.

All of these explain why you must make sure you choose one of the best web hosting solutions. Choosing a great web hosting solution will give you the foundation you need to become a successful blogger, with minimum downtime, maximum blogging tools and maximum motivation.

Be consistent with your content

As soon as your blog goes live, you need to instantly begin work on your content. As a rule of thumb, don’t allow people to visit your blog any day without seeing at least one new post. While developing content, bear in mind that one well-written blog post is better than half-a-dozen posts that are incoherent and riddled with spelling errors, or just plain not that interesting.

Market your blog

The first port of call is the friends and family you have on social networking sites. Tell them about your blog and make sure they share links with their own followers. The social media setting gives you a powerful platform to tell thousands of people about your blog even when you only know a handful of people. As you grow, you can consider doing guest posts on other blogs in your niche, advertising etc. The key is to never miss an opportunity to promote your blog.

Final words

Don’t forget to make your blog accessible to everyone. You must ensure that virtually anyone can read your content with ease.


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