One common activity for all property developers, and property clubs, is group presentations. It is the most common way to present investment ideas to a group of prospective investors. In this piece, we will take a look at some of the most important things you have to keep in mind when it comes to delivering your ideas to would-be buyers.

Use the latest projection systems

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, you need to the right projection systems if you want to impress clients and deliver quality presentations. Andy, expert in projection systems at Videonations ltd explains, “these systems replace the outdated slide and projector setup, which is still standard in many sectors. Quality technology makes your meeting room look and feel more comfortable, organised and professional. With modern systems, you can even share presentations from your smartphone and tablets, and share files with participants at the click of a button.”

How to Present a Property Investment Proposition

Focus on images

Heavy use of bullet points may have served you well in the past, but is one of the habit you must drop if you want to see better results with your group presentations. People no put up with sitting for hours, while you read bullet points you have on screen. In such presentations it is common to find “participants” glued to their mobiles while giving you partial attention; not a good scenario for a productive meeting.

Your presentations should be filled with intriguing high quality images. Images help people remember and connect with your material. The right projection system will retain the quality of the images. If you are tempted to put anything in bullet points, create a high quality infographic with the text.

For each of the images, memorise what you will say when it comes up. You can use a few words of intro text to support the images but you need to make them big enough. Making the words big removes the feeling of reading a block of pros.

If you need help to remember what to say with each image, keep small cue cards with a few words written to remind you. The emphasis is on a few words because writing full sentences will mean reading to your audience, which is a very fast way to turn people off.

Avoid making the presentation overly conversational

Of course, nothing says you can’t make your property investment presentation conversational but the best presentations are those filled with energy and direction. Bear in mind that you are trying to convince a group of people to part with their money, and not lecturing a classroom, or chatting with them on the relative merits of different X-Factor contestants. You are on stage so you should behave like it.

People won’t hesitate to pull out their devices to keep busy as soon as they get bored, so you must get out of your comfort zone and be perkier than you normally would be in a regular conversation. The energy with which you communicate your points is the most powerful tool in your armour as you seek to close the deal.

With these tips, your property investment presentations will be more fruitful than ever. If you are looking for more ideas and guidance on presenting then try reviewing these presentation tips.


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