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Link building and your business: What you need to know

BusinessLink building and your business: What you need to know

Many business owners understand the importance of having a properly-hosted website. However, far fewer truly understand the importance of link building.

Quality links pointing to your website communicates to the search engines that you have a good reputation, telling them that you are an authority in particular niche. It increases the chances of content on your website appearing high in search results. “Think of links as endorsements. The more quality endorsements you receive, the more popular your page will be with the search engines” says Paul, account manager and seo expert at Click Intelligence.

Link building

Link Value

Building links doesn’t mean you should have links pointing to your website from everywhere. Certain links are more valuable than others. For example a link to your website on a website such as Dailymail.co.uk will have more value than a link from a blogspot blog that hasn’t been updated in months. The idea is that Google gives more attention to links from websites they consider valuable and authoratative.

How can you build high value links?

Focus on relevance

If you run a plumbing business, you can only get high value links by making sure you get links on websites and blogs in the plumbing niche and the building niche in general. Having your links on a football website or a wedding blog is not just a waste of time, you may be banned by Google depending on how far you push this link building practice.

Avoid shady agencies

As you consider embracing link building, you will run into SEO agencies that will promise to get you to the top of search results in a week for a remarkably low sum. You may get to the front page of course but it is only a matter of time before Google and other search engines act. Such agencies use software that allows them to submit links and contents/comments with your links to thousands of websites and blogs. They use doorways and cloaking. They send artificial link juice to your site. This explains why you will find websites in the Medicine niche linking to businesses on home furniture! Google will notice, and it will cost you a lot of time and money to repair the damage. Remember, the links should only come from high value pages in your niche, or your website may be seen as spammy.

Spread your net

Search engines like to see diversification. Therefore, apart from direct links from websites, you should endeavour to get bloggers talking about your business, fans sharing your posts on social media, customers leaving reviews about your business, etc. All of these tell the search engine that people are talking about your business naturally. This is a great way to establish your business as an authority in your niche.

When you have achieved some quality links, don’t stop. Link building is a continuous process. Many of the businesses that have stopped link building today can afford it because they have put in enough work over a number of years to become a leader in their niche. Their position means they are guaranteed backlinks from just about anyone in their niche in a natural ongoing flow. It takes time to achieve this level of gravitas online so don’t rest on your laurels.


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