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Your Website Needs a Blog Component


It’s no secret that blogging is one of today’s biggest hobby past times. It is a way for individuals to express themselves to large audiences and gain traffic and a following. For most, this following is used to limited effect as few, if any, products are marketed despite the production of high quality content.

Recently many companies and commercial organisations have called up on web designers in Manchester and other cities to help them build a new online presence. This presence includes the creation of a web platform with a ready publishing interface, or to put it in simple terms, a corporate blog.

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Why Corporate Blogs

To understand why a corporation would start a blog on their website, one first has to know how search engine optimisation works. This is to say, how consumers and individuals find websites. In industry jargon they will call it SEO, which is just short for search engine optimisation.

SEO is designed to optimise a website in order to allow the algorithms which underpin the search engines like Google, to better pick up on a company or business website. This is done by including certain key phrases in web content throughout the website. The more relevant the key words, the more likely the website is to show up near the top of the search results. In short, a website which is higher in the results gains a larger share of the traffic.

Corporate blogs increase the number of times key phrases related to a business appear on a website. This increases the websites overall usage of the word, or in industry speak, its keyword density. A higher key word density means it is more likely to have a higher rank in the search results. There are many software programs and services available to help build your search engine rank.

Why Local Solution

A local solution to web design is quite important. Especially for small and medium businesses focused on the local market for gaining customers. This is because in these cases the key works tend to be quite local in nature. An example would be, “Web design Manchester,” keeping in mind key words are not usually grammatically correct. (Take a moment to think about the last time you used Google and the auto fill in feature)

These designers will know the local culture and be able to better point a business towards the key words most likely to reach their target audience. Another major advantage of going local is the ability to meet with them in person, in order to work out issues and concepts. Sometimes there is just no better solution than a face-to-face meeting when a solution is being deployed to achieve results.

There are many solutions for web design and there are many key questions to ask them. First would be to read up on SEO trends in 2015 and ensure that your designer of choice is up to speed on the coming changes to the algorithms at major search engines.


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