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How to Avoid Distractions When Working from Home


Whether you’ve left the corporate world and decided to start your own business, or finally convinced your boss that letting you work from home for a few days each month is a good idea, it’s vital that you keep your focus. After all, you can’t just laze around in your pyjamas all day – you have to work too. So how can you avoid distractions when working from home? Read on for some tips.

Home working distractions

Set up a Dedicated Office Space

You may sit at your dining room table to read your emails, or check into Facebook with your laptop in the living room, however this is not going to cut it when you work from home full time. You need a dedicated office space that is free from all kinds of distractions – including the TV and the fridge. Whether you choose to transform a spare room in your home into an office, or would prefer to build one of the beautiful office garden rooms by GardenSpaces.co.uk, you need to have a space that is purely for you to work. Not only will these enable you to enter ‘work mode’, but it will also be a place where family members can leave you alone.

Take Proper Breaks

It’s incredibly easy to work (or procrastinate) through your lunch hour when you work from home, and thousands of self employed workers are known to grab a sandwich and eat it at their desk. However, it’s important to take proper breaks away from the computer and give yourself time to eat real food. This will help to break up the monotony of the day, and can help you return to your desk feeling motivated and ready to go. Plus, you also don’t want to be filling up on snacks, or clock watching because you’re hungry! You could also spend your break time catching up with social media, or incorporating some fitness into your day – anything that will help you return to work feeling refreshed and motivated.

Explain to Friends & Family

You’d be surprised how many people think that because you work from home, you’ll be free for a cuppa or a chat at any time they decide to drop by. However, this is not going to help you one bit, and you’ll either waste away hours that you should have been working, or you’ll end up frustrated with your friends. To pre-empt this, you need to explain to your friends and family that whilst you might be at home, you still have work to do, and so between the hours of 9 and 5 (or whenever your work hours are), they need to respect that you have work that needs completing, and not pop round whenever they feel like it.

Working from home instead of a corporate office can feel like a huge success at first, however it’s important not to let distractions come in between you and the work that needs doing. Keep distractions to a minimum and you should find that you overcome all the challenges that you are faced with.


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