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Mobile Computing and The Cloud Can Help You Build Your Business

BusinessMobile Computing and The Cloud Can Help You Build Your Business

Modern business moves at the speed of light. Companies find their need to compete means being able to respond in real time with employees who can work on the go. Mobile computing in the form of smart phones and tablets has allowed employees and business managers to be productive regardless of their physical location. In short they have been able to trade their physical office for their kitchen, the airport departure hall, and any other unconventional workspace that can be dreamt up.

Cloud computing for business

There are many benefits to a business to being at the bleeding edge of cloud and mobile computing. These include the ability of employees to be constantly productive, easily reached, and share files while they travel the world racking up sales and contracts. With a cloud drive and project management software employees can continue to contribute to projects and discussions even when they have to go and visit the factory in China.

Data Security

While there have been many high profile breaches of cloud computing, some from high profile brands, your corporate data is generally better off stored in the cloud than on a hard drive. This is for the simple fact that staff and colleagues sometimes lose their laptops and mobile devices, not to mention what happens if physical damage occurs to the equipment. In these cases if the data is stored locally it is usually gone forever. Here are 9 of the main security threats intrinsic to the cloud.

For smaller companies, going to a cloud based data storage system allows the deployment of higher-grade data security. Most data solutions providers employ full service system management houses, engaging MT Services IT Support in Tamworth, for example. These solutions allow smaller companies to safely operate and collaborate in the cloud environment without the fear of having their data compromised.

Devices For Productivity

Equally important for mobile productivity is a great device. There are many popular brands with devices on the market, and a few more rumoured devices from major manufacturers arriving soon. The software available for productivity on mobile devices is also improving rapidly, with the recent deployment of Microsoft Office 365 for the iPad. By bringing office to iPad Microsoft in effect made the apple device a killer productivity tool allowing seamless integration for productivity between mobile devices and desktop computers. There are specific apps for specific roles such as a mobile workforce management software for field workers that relies on the cloud.

There are also a number of devices that Google and android fans are awaiting with baited breath. One of these would include the Google Ara smartphone. The phone is an IT support technicians dream with modules that clip onto and off of it like the SD cards formerly used in digital cameras. In terms of computing power this is one mobile device operating on par with most desktop computers. The only real difference is it is a fraction of the size.


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