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Content Is King for Web Development Companies


Website development firms once had one task and one task only; to make websites. Now, with the internet changing and demanding so much more from companies, many are taking their services to a different level. One of these is content creation and while this may have once been left to the website or business owner, now companies like Nexus OS are taking it on themselves.

Content has always been a core component of a website. After all, the site which was updated on a weekly basis was always going to prove more appealing to that which was static and never changed. However, it’s only recently which the need for constant, quality content has increased, with Google a key reason behind this.

In short, the blend between SEO and content has grown closer than ever before. Search engines have become smarter and while a barrage of links may have once been sufficient to rank a website for years, now it’s no longer the case. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to link building and as such, quality content is the phrase on the tip of every online marketer in the current era.

Therefore, one should not be surprised to see that Nexus OS have developed their digital offerings so much. As well as offering the standard development packages, clients now have the opportunity to buy a content creation service from the company.

Content words

Content creation perhaps isn’t what it once was though. Several years ago, this may have been based on poorly constructed, rigid articles that were devised with the sole intention of attracting search engine bots. Now, the process has become much more rigorous and in the case of Nexus OS again, there is an incredible amount of research required. They devise content that appeals to a specific audience and one that ultimately is going to attract attention and in the end, more traffic to the business.

Content doesn’t just revolve around black and white words though, as the secondary part of this content creation service highlights. Illustration and animation is a core part of it, as we’ve seen from all of the highly-graphical viral pieces that have surged the internet over the years. This element of the Nexus OS offering happens to be outsourced, although rival companies may even adopt the approach in-house due to the huge demand for different styles of content.

When one analyses the digital landscape further, it’s no surprise to see that content creation is supplemented by other services such as social media management and SEO. Now, in the 2015 era, all such services go hand-in-hand and are all needed for a successful digital strategy.

As such, it appears that website development companies, like Nexus OS, have caught on to the changing landscape of the online industry. The days of a website being sufficient for a company are long gone; businesses require cutting-edge content to compete and this is the reason why content creation services are now a cornerstone of any successful web development agency.


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