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Why Mobile Marketing is Vital for E-Cig Companies


The advance of mobile technology has changed the way that people not only stay in touch, keep up with the news and manage their daily lives, it has also greatly influenced the way that they shop. It has been estimated that approximately 50% of all internet access is now done via a hand held device. In order not to miss out on reaching this section of their audience, many companies have taken the time to create mobile websites using a special subdomain set. This means that when users type in a web address or the name of a company such as Eventige, the site detects that they are accessing the site using a mobile device and redirects them to the mobile subdomain.

Altering the User Experience

The user experience gained from using a mobile device is distinctly different from the user experience gained from using a computer. Mobile websites are pared down, sleeker and give the user the information they require in one hit without the filler which can be found on regular websites. It is estimated that around 20% of shoppers do so via a mobile website. As this appears to be the way that more people are set to shop in the future it makes sense that all forms of advertising, including ecig marketing should be more mobile friendly. The more mobile friendly the marketing the more likely the user is to click through the ad and purchase the product.

Mobile marketing

Mobile Incentives, Coupons and Location Based Marketing

There are currently a growing number of marketing strategies in operation which deliver discount codes and coupons directly to mobile users. Thus eliminating the need to clip and carry paper coupons to the store. Such mobile coupons are sent with a link which will allow web enabled mobiles to link to the store and apply the discount provided to the chosen product. Alternatively the mobile coupons can be scanned by a cashier in store and the discount applied to the product at the till. Many companies are also employing location based marketing services which could be extremely important to those in ecig marketing. Many mobile users are accustomed to using the location facility on their phone, giving their device permission to access local information. This means that advertising can be sent directly to the mobile device from business and stores relevant to their current location. According to the latest mobile audience insight reports more than 50% of mobile users would be happy to receive such location based marketing information.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile marketing and advertising tactics offer a unique way to engage with prospective customers. It is therefore important to ensure that the creative content of the media is matched to the dimensions of a mobile interface. Messages need to be clear and concise and provide users with a call to action which is difficult to ignore, and achievable within a limited number of steps. Research has shown that mobile ads are up to five times more effective that internet based ads which results in a greater take up of the marketed product.

If you are considering starting an e-cig company, it’s vital that you take advantage of mobile marketing. It’s only set to become more important in the years to come.


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