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How gaming apps have become a market leader in the mobile industry


Mobile phones have become one of the most in-demand gadgets in the electronics industry, with millions of people across the world clamouring for the latest model to improve their quality of life. Modern handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6, illustrate that its technology has far surpassed its traditional functions from which its invention was based upon, with users now able to utilise a multitude of functions to accompany the basic call and text services. These functions are made possible by a plethora of downloadable apps across every genre, with gaming surging to the top as market leader to provide users of all ages and gender with endless hours of fun and entertainment. Although puzzle, action strategy and brain teasers are amongst the most popular genres, gaming apps have risen to prominence as numerous companies have branched out into the mobile industry to provide customers with more opportunities to play their favourite slot, table or card game.

Element of convenience

Traditional houses continue to attract millions of customers through its doors on an annual basis, but the emergence of online and mobile gaming has led to a gradual reduction in attendance figures. Famous venues across Las Vegas, Macau and Monaco will always be considered a mecca by gambling enthusiasts who appreciate dressing up for the occasion and walking into a luxurious environment that is primed for hours of enjoyment playing slot machines, poker or roulette, but being able to enjoy the same feeling via technology brings an element of convenience. Not every person has the time away from their personal and occupational life to travel to and from a land-based hall; downloading gaming apps makes it possible for mobile users to play wherever and whenever they desire. From long commutes to waiting for an appointment at the dentists, mobile users can play their favourite games at their own discretion, and can even play in the comfort of their own home without having to dress up smartly or worry about travel expenses.

Regular offers and promotions

Operating through a downloadable app allow companies to reward current existing customers and attract prospective punters by providing a series of offers and promotion. Although land-based companies may utilise the same marketing ploy, the ease at which gaming apps can be found and downloaded creates greater opportunities to effectively draw new customers in by offer free incentives upon registration, whether it is fifty free spins or a free bet of a set denomination.

Gameplay experience

Gaming enthusiasts may feel that the only way to enjoy the true experience is by going to a luxurious land-based building and playing there, but ever-increasing advancements in technological capabilities have made it possible for downloadable apps to provide a portal to a realistic game that offers the same experience. High definition graphics and animation technology have further reduced the gap between reality and the virtual world, with gaming apps now providing the same feel and ambience of playing in a casino anywhere in which a mobile phone or tablet device can be used. Being able to replicate the experience of playing in Macau or Las Vegas is a fine example of why gaming apps have become hugely popular in the mobile gaming industry, and with more and more companies offering their own range of slot, table and card games for gamers to enjoy, their popularity can only further increase in the future.


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