Reading online reviews is a great way to find the products or services that you’re searching for and have the confidence to make the purchase. After all, you can go by other people’s experiences to determine if something is really worth your money and time or if you should keep looking elsewhere.

You can also read reviews of business venues if you are planning an event. But how can you know for sure if a review can be trusted, and how can you use reviews to find the very best business venue? Check out the tips below.

Beware of Fake Reviews

Any business owner can hire a ghost writer who will be paid to write fake positive reviews of their products, services, or event venue. In the same way, a ghost writer can also be hired to write negative reviews about a competitor. While this is dirty business, it does happen, and there is no way to really know when it does. Therefore, you need to read reviews with a critical eye, knowing that some of the reviews could be fake, whether they are positive or negative.

How can you tell if a review is fake?

  • It is over-the-top positive without any negative statements, or perhaps only a single, very minor, negative statement.

  • It is extremely negative.

  • It is the only review, or it is one of just a small number of reviews.

  • The review describes the reviewer in a lot of detail.

  • The review lists the features like a sales pitch.

  • The review compares the product, service, or venue to its competitors.

  • The review sounds really similar to other reviews and could, therefore, be written by the same person.

Customer review

Look for Common Complaints

When determining whether reviews are real, it’s a good idea to look for common complaints from multiple reviewers. This could indicate that a lot of people have tried out the venue and have encountered the same issues with the food, bar, staff members, and team managing their events.

You should also read into the tone of the reviews. Do they sound like they were ghost written with an agenda, or do they sound genuine? Remember, the general population will not always sound completely professional when writing a review, nor will their grammar and punctuation be perfect.

Read Reviews on Multiple Websites

Another great strategy is to read reviews from multiple websites. This could give you a clearer idea of how good a venue really is, as well as help you find reviews that were probably ghost written, especially if you find the same review on more than one site. For venues, a good place to start is

Remember that, when it comes to reading reviews, you should be sceptical. Overall, though, reviews can be extremely helpful in helping you find the ideal venue for your business event. Just be aware of the typical characteristics of fake reviews, check multiple sites for reviews from many different users, and look for common complaints across multiple reviews.


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