Grimy walls, slumped employees, sputtering desktops and browning washrooms – if this is an accurate description of your office then it’s time to shape up or watch your business descend into destitution.

Indeed, when hip, happening media agencies and tech firms have pinball machines in their waiting rooms, their dingier equivalents will struggle to hack it. We’re living in an age where you don’t have the luxury of your work doing the talking – your premises has to represent you just as much as your skills.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with all you need to turn your business from manky to luxury in just a few easy steps.

Tenacious toilets

We’ve all been in some dodgy toilets from time to time. The public facilities are the worst. Fetid grime, lime scale covering the sinks and hand dryers that blow a gust as a strong as a wheezing 80-year-old – and those are the better ones.

But that kind of mess in your washroom isn’t only a faux pas – it’s unacceptable.

When your clients feel like they’re in an unhygienic environment, they’ll inevitably be in a sour mood.

To avoid irritated customers, invest in a washroom services company that will give you the cutting edge of toilets and washing facilities.

Not only will your purchase create a better mood amongst clients and employees, but you’ll be creating a more hygienic environment and, in turn, decreasing sickness within your office.

Art in office

Smart saleable art

Even if your walls are rattier than a flea market bin bag, there are simple ways to improve your situation. All you’ve got to do is hang some great art.

And that doesn’t mean the kind of so-called motivational posters that plague downtrodden offices. You know, the types of posters with slogans that read, “Climbing the mountain of motivation to reach the summit of success” and “Teamwork is key to #winning!”– the type of copy that could turn you blind from boredom.

Instead, track down art that motivates you and fills you with enthusiasm. With any luck, your excitement will trickle down to your employees.

Extra exterior

The interior of your office might be sorted – but what about the outside?

The entrance to your workplace is the first place that any visiting client will see. It’s the first impression that will make all the difference. After all, a dingy office-front is starting your working relationship on a bad foot before you’ve even met.

Hire experts of grounds maintenance who will sort out the exterior of your office and match it with the personality of the rest of the building. Pretty soon, clients will be drawn to your classy premises without a second thought.


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