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Danger! Danger! Security tips for your office


“Danger! Danger! High Voltage!” sang 00s’ rockers Electric Six, but they severely underestimated the sheer variety of ways your safety can be compromised in your workplace.

Fire, floods, crooks, vandals, trips, slips and falls – dangers in a simple office can become biblical, even when you think you’ve got the place on lockdown.

And these dangers can be more than a passing annoyance. A damaged office could result in loss of profits or even the wholesale destruction of your place of business.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to keep any nasty accidents at arm’s length. Take a look and you won’t hear anyone shouting “Danger! Danger!” any time soon.

Security in the office

Flaming protection

Unless you work in a particularly sparky environment, you probably don’t live in constant fear of flames. But no matter how benign your workplace, a fire could break out at any moment, reducing your premises to little more than ashes and rubble.

Before those flames tear through your walls, install a fire protection barrier behind every one of your plasterboards. These strong metal sheets can block heavy flames for up to four hours – giving you ample time to call the emergency services.

To make your workplace even safer, add in a few fire extinguishers, sprinklers and a fire blanket. The more precautions you take, the less chance there’ll be of your premises erupting in flames.

Ch-check it out

Rules and regulations can be a nightmare to adhere to, especially when you’re trying to run a business. But without someone to regularly check your safety protocols, there’s a large chance you’ll veer from the straight and narrow like a ship on an unsteady tide.

For complete peace of mind, make sure a health and safety expert surveys your premises regularly and makes repairs whenever they’re needed. Preferably, this role would be filled by someone who doesn’t regularly work in your office. A fresh pair of eyes could make all the difference.

World crime web

Dangers can emerge from anywhere – and your Ethernet cable harbours just as many as anywhere else.

Combatting online terrors is cheap and easy.

All you need to do is invest in antivirus software (Norton, Kaspersky and MacAfee come highly recommended). These reasonably priced software packages come fully fitted with firewalls (to bat away any malicious programs), secure banking software, encrypted search facilities and much more besides.

Beyond this, web security is as easy as pie. Keep your passwords unique, varied and private, don’t use your bank card on a site you don’t trust and never share information with someone you don’t know.

Ultimately, your business is only in danger if you don’t protect yourself. So tool up and stay alert.


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