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Traits Successful Entrepreneurs and Businesses Have in Common

BusinessTraits Successful Entrepreneurs and Businesses Have in Common

Finding success in business is no accident. Successful entrepreneurs and their companies have a tendency to share certain traits, which may not be what you think. Most successful entrepreneurs and businesses have more in common than creative genius or determination. Keep reading for a list of some of the traits they share and why these traits make them successful.


When it comes to the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs, one thing they know is risk. Part of this comes from an unwavering belief in the company or product they sell, but part of it is being comfortable with taking risks in general. In fact, the main reason that Type A personalities tend to avoid starting businesses, despite their vim and vigor, is that they aren’t comfortable with that level of uncertainty. Successful entrepreneurs are prepared for an appropriate level of risk, and so are their companies.

Image via Flickr by e3Learning
Image via Flickr by e3Learning


Successful entrepreneurs are also tenacious. They are determined to stay the course and aren’t deterred by the little failures that are inevitable in business. Sometimes this means scrapping a project and starting over, and sometimes the company struggles because of a single miscalculation. Tenacious entrepreneurs keep going.


The most successful businesses and entrepreneurs are also the most disciplined. Rather than get distracted by a new prospect on the horizon, they avoid overreacting to changing market conditions and stay disciplined as they follow the course they established when they started their businesses. They come up with a simple plan of action that defines the activities of the company and outlines a financial strategy. Then they stick to it.

Financial IQ

Successful businesses and entrepreneurs know how to manage their finances. They either understand basic accounting and financial management, or they are willing to listen to the advice of someone who does. Whether this means using Bad Credit Business Loans when a client misses a payment or organizing things so that cash crunches never happen, successful businesses and entrepreneurs have a high financial IQ.


Innovation is also important. Successful entrepreneurs have a knack for spotting problems. They see the situation, name the problem, then create solutions, and they do all of this rather quickly. Moreover, they know that they don’t have to be the first one to think of something. They just have to find a way to do it better than their competitors.

Continuous Improvement

Most of all, successful entrepreneurs and businesses are willing to look at their operations and their product or service offerings and find ways to improve them. They send their staff to trainings, and they read and make it a point to learn about best practices in their industry. They take the time to periodically look at the way they do business and tweak the process. This continuous improvement leads to cost savings in both time and money.

Successful businesses and entrepreneurs didn’t get there by accident. The most successful people and companies in the world share this set of common traits.



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