Say goodbye to the average, isolated corner shop – in this space age of globalisation, they’re going to be crushed like a bluebottle under a giant’s foot.

Who are these giants? Multi-billion corporations like Amazon, supermarkets like Tesco and Walmart, and online digital media platforms like Netflix and Spotify. Each and every one of them is turning traditional business on its head, making convenience its watchword and crowding out smaller enterprises.

The modern startup therefore has no choice – it’s got to fall in line with the digital age or perish like so many others.

Isolated entrepreneur

Technophobes (mainly older business owners) have found this difficult to grasp. And their unwillingness to engage with the world of the web has led them into mountains of debt.

But engaging with the internet isn’t an instant guarantee of success. There are a number of cardinal sins committed by CEOs online, and it could end their company for good.

So what should you do to help your net success – and what should you avoid?

Deliver to success

Delivery from some companies can be outright dreadful. You’re not so much waiting for a delivery, as hoping you’ve not died of old age before it arrives.

Big hitters like Amazon offer a huge array of delivery options, and many people expect the same standards from every business, no matter their size.

You might be sending a parcel to Australia or Timbuctoo, but your projected delivery times should always be convenient and quick. Look at delivery comparison sites to discern the most reliable company offering the best value and use them at all times.

The social company

Social media means just as much to customers as the product you’re selling. Indeed, if you’re looking for engagement with your brand, setting up a Facebook page is only the tip of the iceberg.

First, know which sites are appropriate for you. No one wants to see the Instagram account of a funeral services company, or the Snapchat account of the local police force. More mature brands can favour LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, while young, hip companies can venture onto Snapchat and connect with a teenage crowd.

Post entertaining content and you’ll find more people taking notice of your brand every day.

Know the pros

Especially for older business owners, the internet is an uncharted territory with its own etiquette and culture that isn’t instantly accessible to newcomers. Many has been the successful entrepreneur caught short when asked about Grumpy Cat, Reddit AMAs and Gawker gossip.

If you fall into that category, don’t be frightened to ask for some help. Plenty of agencies specialise in online content, giving you the best for your demographic. After all, can you put a price on profit?


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