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How to Prevent Your Firm Burning and Crashing


How would you feel if your business suddenly went up in smoke?

After incalculable hours of painstaking work and countless sleepless nights, you’d finally transformed your firm from small acorn into mighty oak, turning an impressive profit and enjoying the fruits of your labour …

… but a raging inferno has swiftly put paid to the good life.

Where your premises once proudly stood now lays a smouldering pile of ash; flame-licked dreams are scattered among the debris; gobsmacked employees kick at the cinders and fret about their future.

Somewhere a siren shrieks.

Fire in the office

In your mind, catastrophes like this only ever happen to other people, hence the devastating consequences of fire are very rarely considered until your property is affected – although it’s not too late to buck up your ideas.

However, while it’s important your property is physically protected against fire, you and your employees must also know how to safely – and calmly – deal with a blaze should the unthinkable ever occur.

Here’s how …

Install Fire Protection Systems

It sounds obvious, but by installing fire protection systems, your property will be better equipped to deal with the ravages of a blazing inferno. For the ultimate protection, Durasteel offers high performance fire barriers, blast walls and fireproof ceilings, among others.

This will offer four-hour fire protection, making sure you and your co-workers have enough time to vacate the building before the emergency services arrive – and it should also prevent your building collapsing under the fire’s intense heat.

Fit Handheld Fire Fighting Equipment

When fire is rapidly snaking through the corridors of your premises, relying on Mike from marketing to tackle the blaze armed with a bucket of water will ultimately end in disaster – and although employees fighting fire is not ideal, there should be appropriate extinguishers in place.

Depending on the type of blaze you have on your hands, whether it’s solids, flammable liquids, flammable gases, metals, electrical apparatus or cooking oil/fat, a very specific type of extinguisher should be used to prevent the blaze razing your building to the ground.

Make Sure Employees Are Clued Up

Although your employees are on the ball when it comes to account management or ordering more ink for the printer, they may not be quite so eager when you begin banging on about fire safety in the workplace.

However, by teaching the basic fire safety regulations and making sure they’re aware of where to assemble should there be a fire, it’ll go a long way to preventing any injuries or fatalities should your business be afflicted by a blaze.

What do you think?

Has your business been affected by fire? How did you deal with it? Please let us know by leaving a comment below – we’d love to hear from you.


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