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The Different Shoring Equipment Pieces You May Need to Rent


Each construction project needs specific pieces of equipment and tools to get a job done properly, following industry standards. The same is true for trenching. With trenching, you will need different tools at every step of the job, actually.

The Different Pieces of Shoring Equipment You May Need

If you are looking for shoring rental, you will first need to know which pieces of equipment you actually need. One of the things you need to think about is how deep you will be digging, where the ground is, what materials you need, what soil type there is, and more. Sandy, loose, stony or wet soils all pose unique dangers. You need to set up structures that prevent collapses, for instance by:

  • Make sure you have the right shoring materials to support your structure so that it doesn’t collapse. Most construction workers use steel trench boxes or plywood with bars.

  • Excess water has to be removed. A well point system needs to be used.

  • Make sure the excavation is benched, leaving sloped sides. This reduces pressure on the banks.

Naturally, you also have to get the right permissions for shoring, so that you don’t break cables, electrical wires, gas pipes or water pipes. The local authority will tell you where they all are.

Shoring Equipment Pieces

To get the digging job done, you need some heavy machines like trenchers, trackhoes, backhoes and more. Trenchers in particular have to be carefully chosen. The different types are:

  • Chain trenchers to get through very hard ground, deep and narrow trenches. You can use these for large diameter networks.

  • Micro trenchers that stops pedestrians and traffic from being disturbed. You would find these next to restricted streets or sidewalks, for instance.

  • Portable trenchers, which are used in order to create irrigation lines.

Once you have the equipment you need, you will have to take all the plants out that will have to be replanted later. Then, before you start to dig, you need to make sure all your shoring equipment is lined up with your trench, so that collapse is avoided. Make sure you know the soil conditions that you are working with. Make sure that each bench is stabilized and reinforced before you dig deeper. Also keep your eye on the trench elevation using a builder’s level for instance. And do make sure you have a sloping bank or ladder so that you can always get out of the trench.

It is important to understand the seriousness of building a trench on a construction project. It can only be done with the correct materials, or the projects will not be safe nor completed on time. You must, therefore, have all the materials in place, as well as equipment, before you begin. Renting this equipment is a great choice, because it means you only have to pay for things as you use them, rather than having to invest in buying machinery that is only used for short periods of time.


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