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The 4 Key Reasons to Rent Serviced Office Space in Swindon

BusinessThe 4 Key Reasons to Rent Serviced Office Space in Swindon
Image courtesy of Aleksa D/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Aleksa D/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Renting office space can be a huge drain on your company’s budget, even in a relatively affordable place to rent like Swindon. In normal cases you will need to stick to many years on the same contract, with regular rate rises, and you will have to pay for all your furniture and your own service contracts. What starts off looking affordable soon spirals out of control, especially if you own a small business or a start-up firm in Swindon. When you are searching for office space, don’t forget to consider one important alternative that has a number of advantages over the traditional rented office – a serviced office in Swindon. Plenty of benefits are attached to serviced offices that make them affordable and convenient over the long or short term.

1. You’re Immediately Ready to Start Work

The serviced offices Swindon provides make it easy for you to hit the ground running in the new town. You don’t need to worry about setting up all your services, organising the electricity to be turned on, waiting for the internet to be installed, etc., all of which can take valuable time away from your business. The serviced office is set up and ready to use. You simply turn up, plug in your computers and you’re ready to work. This is great for a small company and ideal when you are new to an area and don’t want to spend time figuring out which suppliers are best or more convenient.

2. Large Choice Available

Swindon offers a good choice in serviced offices because the town and its surrounding area is a popular place for relocations and start-ups. With a generous amount of space outside the town, and great transport links to the south west and London, Swindon attracts a lot of attention from businesses and serviced offices have sprung up to cater for the demand. This means it is highly likely you will be able to find somewhere within your budget and which offers the amenities and facilities you need.

3. Flexibility with Lease Arrangements

Many of the serviced offices Swindon offers provide generous lease terms and the flexibility to be able to manage your property budget in a more effective way. Many offices are rented on a monthly basis, or you can set up a longer contract but not remain tied in for “life”. You can negotiate the size of space you need, the number of car parking spaces, and the services, and can create your own bespoke package that exactly meets your needs – you are much more likely to be able to do this with a serviced office than an empty office space.

4. Access to Business Amenities and Facilities

In many serviced offices you have access to shared and private facilities which are always kept well-maintained, like kitchen space, bathrooms, conference and meeting rooms, and even gyms and shops. Depending on the building, you can find a wide variety of amenities that make your life easier and also make it easier to attract people to work at the company. Plus, maintenance of these facilities is included in your rental cost. Serviced offices represent good value for money in terms of the added extras you can enjoy within the rental package.


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