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Tutorial On Merging Contacts In Salesforce


Merging contacts in Salesforce is an important feature in Salesforce CRM to eliminate the duplicity in the data. Here we are providing you with a tutorial on merging contacts in Salesforce.

Procedure for merging contact in Salesforce CRM

  • Click on “Merge contacts” from the Contacts related list for an account.
  • Search the list of associated contacts or click “All contacts” to show the full list of associated contact. You can check the rows up to 3 contacts you are wishing to merge. Click on Next to continue.
  • Select one single contact as the Master record. All the data hidden or read-only will be taken from this master record. Administrators and “Edit and Read only” fields permissions can select which read-only fields to keep. The hidden fields are not displayed in this context.
  • Select the portal type you want to retain. You can also select “Not a portal user” for the merged contact.
  • When conflicting data is there, the row is marked in purple color and the fields in the left column are already selected.
  • Select all the fields which you want to keep from each record you are merging.
  • Now click on Merge button to finally complete the merging.

Salesforce contacts

Some useful tips and information on merging contacts in Salesforce

When merging contacts in Salesforce consider the following tips and information-

  • Any items related to any of the duplicates like case information or opportunity will be associated with the contact merged.
  • When merging contacts who are members of various campaigns, the date for campaign member status updated will also be kept associated with the merged contact.
  • If the contacts being merged have active self service usernames, deactivate one and other active username will be taken.
  • Any type of account sharing or manual sharing related to master contact will be applied to new contact after merge.
  • All the duplicate records discarded are moved to the Recycle Bin.
  • The merge date is shown as modified date for the merged contact and the created date is taken from the oldest contact being merged.
  • If” Reports to” field is there then it is retained by the Master record only.
  • The merged contact goes automatically to the case teams in which the contacts being merged were associated.
  • The master contact comes in place of the meetings of all the duplicate contacts. Meeting messages of the duplicate contacts are automatically associated with the master contact after merge.
  • Make sure to edit the Events detail pages.
  • In organization with divisions, the merged contact automatically get assigned to the division of the related contacts.

These were the useful tricks on merging of duplicate contacts in a Salesforce CRM. It is a very positive and useful tool to create a single data out of the duplicate records in a Salesforce CRM and delete all the duplicate ones.


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