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Top Tips on the Proper Storage and Cleaning for Your Banner

BusinessTop Tips on the Proper Storage and Cleaning for Your Banner

Banners have proven to be an effective means of advertising and promoting a business’ products, its services, and even its new location, its sales and discounts, and more. If you have ever had a banner made for your business, you know what it can do to drum up sales and get your business noticed.

But banners today, whether we are talking about roller banners or pop up banners, outdoor banners, X-frame banners, or even wide roller banners designed to be set up either on walls or on the sides of buildings, are even more effective than ever due to the fact that they can last longer and are more durable and sturdy than ever. In addition to this, banner designs are more sophisticated and advanced, delivering a clearer message with lots of impact and high recall.

Banner for autumn sale

How to properly store your banner

If you want your banner to last, there is a proper way of storing it. The proper storage for your banner need not be difficult – all you need to do is store it in an area without any direct sunlight. The banner should also be stored rolled up, with the banner’s print on the interior side of the roll. It is important to avoid folding the banner from one side to another as this may cause the ink to be transferred or stick to the other side and vice versa.

Another important pointer to remember when storing your banner is to store it in a cool and dry place. If you can, store your banner indoors where there is less likelihood of the accumulation of moisture and less humidity. Also, if you clean your banner before storing it, you have to ensure that it is completely dry before rolling it up.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that even if you store your banner away from direct sunlight, it will still show a bit of fading of the colours and graphics after some time. You shouldn’t worry about this, though, as this is likely to occur very gradually, over a period of years.

How to properly clean and maintain your banner

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your banner, you don’t really need any special products. All that is required is a clean, soft, and non-abrasive piece of cloth (such as a microfibre cloth) and some water. Simply dip the cloth in the water, squeeze the cloth, and wipe it over the surface of the banner to remove accumulated dirt and light stains. If there are dirt and stains that cannot be removed with a damp cloth wipe, you can use some mild and gentle soap that is non-abrasive, mix it with water, and do the same process with a clean cloth, wiping over the banner’s surface. Remember to rinse the soap off completely, and then dry the banner with another dry cloth.

What is important when you are cleaning your banner is to not use abrasive products, such as those that contain bleach or solvents. You should also avoid using rough scouring or cleaning pads and even paper towels on your banner, as this may damage the print.

Dealing with banner damage

If your banner becomes damaged for some reason or another or if it acquires a tear or rip, you may be able to repair it with a patch or patches. But whilst using patches can come in handy during emergencies, it is not really advisable in the long term as it does not make the tear or rip disappear completely. If you can, just order another banner from your banner printing service.


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