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Better communications with a Voice over IP business phone system


With a Voice over IP business phone system in position, you can improve many different aspects of your business operations. VoIP is great for enhancing internal communications, as well building stronger relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners anywhere in the world.

More choice for customers

VoIP systems give your business the ability to communicate through many different channels, including voice, Instant Messaging, chat and web or video conferencing. That means customers can contact you through the channel of their choice, improving satisfaction levels.

That’s great for companies that operate call centers and want to take their customer communications to the next level by implementing a multi-channel contact center. VoIP runs on a data network, so that means access to voice, data, email, Internet and video traffic on a single network.

Better communications with Voice over IP business phone systemIncrease sales opportunities

With VoIP, you can personalize customer communications. Integration with customer relationship management systems makes it easy to access full customer details and preferences, before or during a call.

For outbound sales calls, it means you can identify opportunities to increase revenue by upselling or cross-selling other products. And, on inbound customer service or technical support calls, you can deal quickly and efficiently with inquiries or technical issues because you have access to customer records, purchasing and service history.

Easier collaboration

A VoIP business phone system can help you collaborate more easily with your customers. By using web conferencing or video conferencing, you can hold review meetings or make presentations to customers and prospects anywhere in the world without the time and cost of travel.

Collaboration is also important in building relationships with your suppliers and business partners. VoIP solutions support secure voice and data communications throughout the supply chain.

Lead companies can share routine data or quickly alert suppliers to changes in demand or new market opportunities by broadcast messaging so that members can adjust production levels and delivery schedules. The ease of communication makes supply chains more agile and responsive, and helps to control costs.

Enhanced internal communications

The internal benefits are just as strong. VoIP can help you improve internal communications, for example. Broadcast messaging and accessible web conferences give executives the resources to keep employees informed about developments in the company, new customer gains or important appointments. It’s also easy for team leaders or department managers to keep their people up to date on relevant issues.

VoIP helps project groups work more effectively. Teams can use integration with applications like Outlook to plan meeting schedules and they can set up conferences on demand. VoIP’s web and video conferencing facilities make meetings more productive because members can share presentations, review concepts and make decisions quickly, helping to maintain project momentum.

Stronger competitive advantage

Effective communication inside and outside the company is key to business success and BroadConnect’s VoIP solutions can help you to use the telephone system as a tool for competitive advantage.


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