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There’s Still Time to Get an Ecommerce Site Up for the Christmas Shopping Season!


Have you been thinking about venturing into ecommerce? Whether you’re already running a business that sells products in a bricks and mortar store, a crafter who currently sells things locally or on Etsy, or just someone with a good idea for an online retail business, setting up an ecommerce store can be a great way to shift stock and reach a wide audience, without the overheads associated with selling your goods face to face or the competition with very similar businesses you’ll experience on things like Etsy and eBay.

Chistmas shoping seasonTiming Your Launch

If you’ve been thinking that going into an ecommerce business might just be a great way to kick off your 2016, however, then you may be doing your idea and products a disservice. As we are all aware, the Christmas shopping season is just around the corner, and unless you sell something that nobody would conceivably ever give as a gift (perhaps medical products for embarrassing illnesses?), this is a time when ideally, you want your ecommerce store to be live so you can get a share of all the spending that goes on in this period. If you act fast, believe it or not, you do actually still have time to launch a Magento ecommerce site ahead of the bulk of the Christmas shopping rush.

Your Timeframe

Traditionally, the Christmas shopping season in America starts on Black Friday – that is, the day after Thanksgiving. This has started to catch on in other countries that don’t actually have Thanksgiving like the UK too, as people in those countries start to want to get the same sort of deals Americans are getting from global brands like Amazon at that time, and on its more recently added brother ‘Cyber Monday’. This means you basically want to launch some time between now and Thanksgiving, and definitely prior to Cyber Monday when people are scouring the internet for good deals.

What You Need To Get Done

In that short time, you have to build your site, host your site, get content up on it and start marketing it. This is nowhere near as hard as it sounds, thankfully. Getting a domain name and web hosting takes a matter of minutes and is not that expensive, and then you can build your site using a product like Magento which is designed to help you create an ecommerce site with all the functionality you need to manage your catalogue and take payments. This, depending on how experienced you are with creating sites using these kinds of tools, can take anything from an afternoon to a day or two to do to a satisfactory standard. You can start adding products with photos and descriptions to your site straight away, and can consider hiring writers and a virtual assistant to get them on as quickly as possible. Then you just need to advertise – Facebook is a good place to start as you can target very specific demographics with your launch offers, and it doesn’t cost very much.

So there you have it, with even just a couple of days work, your ecommerce site can be ready before Black Friday!


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