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Things to Consider Before Having a New Commercial Roof Installed


The roof is arguably one of the most important aspects of a building, apart from the foundation of course, and if you don’t take care during the construction phase of your project, there is likely to be trouble ahead.

Commercial buildings are often very different to residential developments in that the design and materials used are markedly different. This will have a huge bearing on the overall cost of the construction of your building, but irrespective of the final bill, taking care to select the right materials and design prior to any work going ahead will help to insulate you from major expenses further down the line.

Choosing the Right Materials for a Commercial Roof

Commercial buildings tend to be much larger than their residential counterparts. Roofs can be tiled using concrete, clay or rubber, but very often larger structures are designed using metal sheeting and ties. Different materials offer different advantages, so before you finalize your design and make a decision on which material to use, consider the pros and cons of each.

Choose the Right Contractor

No matter how good your design and expensive the selected materials, if you hire an inexperienced or work-shy contractor, the end result will be below par. Using the wrong contractor can add thousands on to the cost of construction and any minor issues could potentially turn into massive problems over time.

The same applies to roofing repairs. Never allow an inexperienced contractor to undertake minor repairs. If you do hire someone who doesn’t have a clue, you may find that the underlying cause of the problem has not been addressed, or worse still, has been exacerbated by sub-standard work. You may even end up dealing with a workplace injury as a result of a contractor who failed to use appropriate fall protection equipment.

Take Advice from an Experienced Roofing Contractor

Experienced contractors know what they are talking about when it comes to roofs and adjoining structures. They will be able to offer you good advice on the best types of construction and if repairs are necessary on an existing roof, whether you would be better off replacing the old roof in favor of a brand new installation, as opposed to throwing good money after bad.

Look After Your Roof

Commercial buildings need just as much maintenance as any other building. Your roof is not immune to the ravages of weather and wildlife, so perform regular checks to see if any minor repairs are necessary, such as the replacement of loose shingles or cracked tiles. It is also sensible to carry out more thorough checks in the autumn and winter.

To prevent any future problems, make sure you hire a reputable contractor to undertake any work for your business, and if there is a lot of bad weather on the horizon, always give your roof an inspection to ensure it is up to scratch and capable of withstanding strong winds and storm conditions.

To maintain a fully functional roof, be proactive about maintenance and don’t try and cut corners.


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