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Little-Known Factors You should Consider when Creating the Perfect Label for Your Product


A product label might not say a lot about your product’s quality or effectiveness in your mind, but it is basically the first thing customers see about your product. And customers will form their own conclusions about your product based on the label that they see. In essence, customers might decide to buy – or not to buy – your product just because they are attracted to – or not attracted to – its label.

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So when you are designing your product’s label, what should you consider? Everyone will agree that the colours say a lot, and so does the quality of the printing. But what else can affect your label’s effectiveness? Let’s find out.

The font

When it comes to all printed material, whether it’s a printed advertisement or the label for a product, the font makes a huge impact. You may not be aware of it, but the label’s fonts can also affect the proclivity of consumers to purchase your product. That being said, try to avoid the usual fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial – instead, select a font which can help your product get noticed or a font that can showcase what your product is all about. For instance, if you are trying to sell a toy, choose a font which imparts a fun and interesting message that will make children want it. If you are trying to sell a vehicle, choose a font that is bright and bold and imparts a feeling of durability and strength.

You also have to consider the readability of the font. The product label’s font should be easily seen and read – it takes a matter of seconds for consumers to glance at your product, and this should be enough to catch their attention and make them understand what they are seeing. If you aren’t so sure about the font, you can always turn to a reliable and experienced printing service such as www.labeller.co.uk, which also has some of the most advanced labelling machine selections in the UK, to give you valuable suggestions.

The material of the product label

Another aspect to the product label that we sometimes neglect is the material of the actual label. Whatever design you choose to have in the end, it has to combine well and complement your product label’s material. When it comes to options in material, you have a few. Some popular ones include white, cream or beige, clear, silver, or even gold. Keep in mind that if you choose a silver or white material, this can help the product label’s design be clearly shown apart from its packaging. If you choose a clear material for your label, you may want to develop a customised shape for it or have the label blend in better with the container of the product, particularly if the product’s packaging comes in solid colours.

The size

The size of the label also makes a difference, but this mostly depends on the actual container or packaging of your product as well. What you can do for this is opt for either a single or several labels which you can place on your product’s front and back surfaces. If you choose back and front labels, you can also easily distinguish the product’s brand and design from its ingredients and other instructions which can be at the back. Another option is to choose a label that can be wrapped around the entire product container, which is more cost-effective as well.


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