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Poor Indoor Work Environment Harms Performance


In Norwich you may not suffer from the extreme heat or extreme cold that affects other parts of the world, but the quality of your work environment can still be significantly affected by external factors. And if the work environment is less than ideal, job performance is significantly affected. A new study shows that the quality of the indoor environment has an impact on worker performance. Find out more here:

Better Indoor Environmental Quality: Better Cognitive Functioning

The study carried out in 2015 by the Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health in the US demonstrated that when the indoor environmental conditions improved, people’s scores in cognitive functioning doubled. On average, the scores for cognitive performance were 101 percent higher when people were working in environmentally friendly, “green” buildings with good standards of air and ventilation, than when people were working in conventional offices and buildings.

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Air Quality Makes a Difference

The study looked at 24 people who were subjected to conditions in a laboratory that were designed to mimic those found in the real world. In particular, conditions were created to match a green building and a conventional office building. Conditions in the green building included better ventilation and air quality. The biggest improvements in mental function were in the area of information use, strategy, and emergency response. The emergency response scores were 131 percent higher for people working in the building with better ventilation. The scores for information use were 299 percent higher, and for strategy were 288 percent higher for people working in an enhanced environment.

Study Results in Detail

Researchers claim that by creating better indoor work environments, workers benefit as they are able to make decisions more quickly, which ultimately improves productivity. People are also able to react more effectively to problems, and can cope with stress more effectively. The green buildings in the study had enhanced air supply systems and lower air pollution levels, plus climate control and an overall improved environment for working.

Air Conditioning and Air Quality

You may not have a completely environmentally friendly building in Norwich but you can be working towards making indoor conditions optimal for your employees. One way in which you can improve air quality is by installing air conditioning. Air conditioning helps filter impurities from the air, and makes the building less humid, which is linked to an improved air quality and more productive employees. And installing air conditioning means that staff are productive and happy even when the temperature rises outside. No one can work to the best of their ability when they are too hot, and many businesses overlook the problem and fail to see how the correct temperature in the office helps improve performance. It is clear that by installing high quality, energy efficient air conditioning Norwich businesses can improve productivity and performance in the office, at an affordable cost that brings benefits year on year.


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