Offering the best service to your clients means having updated equipment that gives you X-rays which help make your diagnosis more accurate. Computed Radiography is a digital replacement for conventional X-rays. CR reduces the time between your initial examination and the final diagnosis since it can reduce the time required for a quality image. This type of X-ray technology is more easily stored, can be shared with other users, and will make your examinations more thorough and focused for the treatment that is needed. Let’s look at some of the basics of CR technology that you should familiarise yourself with.

Computer radiography

The Advantages

When you are going to make an investment in new equipment for your practice, it’s important to review some of the advantages that you will receive. If you are thinking of investing in a CR system for your business, consider some of the advantages listed below.

  • With a CR system you won’t need a dark room or any chemicals to process the film.

  • The exposure as well as the processing time will be reduced.

  • The software that comes with your system is user-friendly and will enhance the workflow in your office setting.

  • You can archive the digital information more easily and the X-rays are easier to share should the animal need more intensive treatment than you can provide.

  • The X-rays will have a higher resolution, will cost less than analogue film, and the process will increase the efficiency of your office.

Equipment and Training

As with all equipment upgrades in your office, you must provide training that allows your staff to become familiar with the process. Visiting the website can introduce you to some of the features and specifications of a CR system. You will want your employees who will be taking the X-rays to know how to use the intra-oral plates, how to use the touch screen effectively, and how to master the click and scan feature on your equipment. Be sure to teach them how to sterilise the equipment once they have completed taking X-rays with one of your patients.

What to Expect

After the equipment has been purchased and the training has been completed, you should expect to have high quality images that are clear, sharp, and appear quickly. You can use various sizes of oral plates that can be purchased with your equipment to accommodate the size of the animal that you are diagnosing; this equipment can assist you in treating oral diseases in animals of varying sizes. With clearer images, you can accurately diagnose the problem and order treatment more quickly.

Keep these points in mind as you shop for new imaging equipment that is user friendly, easy to handle and that will produce quality images that make your evaluation of the condition of the animal’s oral problems more focused. Upgrading to new and improved X-ray systems can add efficiency to your office practices and can be relied upon to furnish you with more accurate images of what is going on in the animal’s oral cavity.


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