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Conventions and International Audiences: How You Can Increase Awareness Through Video Conferencing

BusinessConventions and International Audiences: How You Can Increase Awareness Through Video Conferencing

Conventions are a great way to generate that necessary spark to make people know more about a particular issue or to generate interest in your product or service. In fact, many convention organizers in Europe specifically emphasize this whenever they invite people to set up booths in convention halls. However, as the number of conventions grows every year and more venues are created specifically to cater to these large scale events, you have to wonder if over saturation has occurred. Too many conventions result in divided interest and makes people less likely to pay attention to the products, services or topics that are being shown. With the sheer amount of conventions that occur in Italy, France, and the UK, how can Spanish conventions stand out and generate greater exposure for people that pay in order to setup their booths at the convention?

Use Video Conferencing

One of the best solutions to address the issue is to have video conferences. Organizers can live stream the events that occur in the convention via their website or can arrange a link for people to visit so that they can join in on the conference primarily as a viewer. The videos could even be saved and placed on YouTube so that the number of people that can watch it at their convenience increases exponentially over time.

Advantage of This Solution

Accessibility is a problem that many people have when it comes to attending conferences. They either have scheduling conflicts or the location is too far for them to feasibly attend. Thus, distance and time are two of the factors that prevent conferences from maximizing their ability to penetrate particular attendance pools.

Video conferencing

Cyberalert.com stated that by live streaming the event via video conference and saving the video in order for it to be uploaded to YouTube, this allows people to know more about the different products and services that were featured and the topics that were discussed. This benefits people that paid for booths at the conference since, by setting up a video stream to feature each of their booths individually, this allows greater visibility of their product or service. Additionally, this also results in a greater likelihood of people contacting them about the products and services being offered.


Of course, there are limitations with the proposed plan that must be taken into account. The main limitation is that only well known sites or YouTube channels can generate the necessary viewership needed to really make an impact with a live stream. If the event organizers were to set up a new website or YouTube channel, it’s unlikely that it would generate sufficient interest at its onset. To resolve this, Moz.com states that organizers can contact already established YouTube business or news oriented channels that already have a significant number of regular viewers. The organizers could arrange for an all expenses paid trip for a well connected YouTube vlogger to attend the conference and live stream their experience as well as provide a link to the primary website for the conference as well. If the organizers can pay enough YouTube vloggers to do this, it is likely to generate a significant amount of interest in conferences in Spain, thereby resulting in more people being engaged by the products and services that are being offered at the conferences there.

Comparison with Traditional Television Coverage

When it comes to sheer audience impact, television coverage is definitely one of the best ways to get a response given the sheer amount of people that can be reached via a news report. However, is television coverage really that great as compared to live streaming an event via a video conference and uploading videos to YouTube? While broadcast television definitely has an advantage when it comes to viewership numbers and the span of their reach, they are limited by air time. They can only broadcast about a particular story for a few minutes. When it comes to conventions, on the other hand, having a narrow time segment doesn’t work, since it limits the ability to capture everything at once. The venue and conference is covered but the individual people showcasing their products or services are not. This is one advantage that live streaming and YouTube videos have over television news reports since they are not subject to the same time constraints. Cp24.com explained that online videos are able to give more in-depth coverage so that audiences are able to receive valuable, relevant information about a particular product or service.

All in all, it makes sense to utilize live streaming and YouTube to give people a view into what occurs at a conference. The amount of exposure that each booth receives will definitely convince them to continue to return to future conferences arranged by the organizers, resulting in more revenue and helping to steadily grow a positive reputation through word of mouth. It is recommended that a combination of both live streaming and television news reports be implemented to get the best possible coverage.

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