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4 Ways to Make Your B2B Website Work


It’s not only owners of consumer websites that need to look carefully at how their site sells their brand and products to customers. B2B websites must also meet their visitors’ needs and provide an attractive experience that will encourage sales and interest. It can be more difficult to know how to create a valuable website for B2B customers, who will not often make a purchase based simply on what they see on the website. They will usually want to meet with an agent, or get more information over the phone. But a website is still a sales tool, even if you need more after the website to convert the interest. A B2B website can provide all the information your customers need to make informed decisions, and inspiration to take the sale to the next stage. Here’s how:

1. Do Some Research

Develop a key buyer personality and tailor website content towards their needs. Work out what your brand offers to solve their problems and position yourself via the website as someone that can meet their needs. In order to do this you need to know what they want, so make sure that you are developing clear and consistent branding surrounding the characteristics of your prospective customers or partners. You need to look at how you can increase sales and leads for your customers, as this is primarily what a business wants – the website can direct people to the ways in which you can do this for them.

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2. Create a Better User Experience

Figure out what you want your visitors to do on your website and how you can make this happen so they can do it easily. For example, do you want them to look at your products? Do you want them to download an eBook so you can collect leads? Do you want them to make an appointment to see you in person? According to www.xist2.com, a good web designer will look at the different ways into the page and how visitors navigate easily to the end result. You want the flow of the site to be natural and simple, always directing people in a non-pushy way towards the targeted end result.

3. Get Your Content Up to Speed

Your website content should not be the final thing you put on the site, written hastily or collected from an old sales brochure. As your website is practically another salesperson, ask your salesperson to do the research, speak like a human, and give valuable information without jargon or fluff. Use the same language your visitors use, and write content that addresses the visitors’ concerns.

4. Encourage Communication

Your website plays a valuable role in developing communication between you and your buyers, as well as engagement and relationships. A great blog helps to develop this, as does a fantastic website design that allows for interaction and feedback. You can highlight ways visitors can respond through social networks, and have a conversation with you directly. Make it easy for people to share what they find on your site with others as this dramatically increases your reach.


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