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Tech to Improve These Error-Prone Parts of Your SMB


Owning your own business takes work. And despite your good effort, mistakes are bound to happen. With 2016 quickly approaching, you can learn from your errors and improve on them in the new year with the following tools:

Content Mishaps

Typos are a content team’s worst nightmare and enemy. However, even the most skilled wordsmiths make an error from time to time. Be sure that your content, whether it be blog posts, copywriting, newsletters, emails or social media posts, is always perfect with an online editing tool, such as Grammarly. Not only does Grammarly point out typos, but it also identifies errors concerning grammar and context. And it’s more efficient than a standard word processor. In fact, Grammarly can fix errors in your text that Microsoft Word simply cannot find. Recommended by Forbes, Grammarly is a smart writing tool for smart small business owners in any industry.

Team at work

Jumbled Calendars

Never miss an important meeting again with this tool. Say farewell to keeping track of emails or penning important dates in a journal. Today your calendar can fit into your pocket, and you take it everywhere. The Wave app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, is a free calendar app that offers calendar syncing, integrated invitations and event notifications. The app also can be used as a to-do list. This way you can merge your tasks and appointments conveniently from your Google Tasks with just a few swipes.

Accounting Woes

When you’re a small business owner, you have to wear many hats. Sometimes that means being the social media expert, CEO, financial advisor and accountant. But if you’re not good with the numbers, don’t worry, there’s a helpful tool that can help you get things done. The online accounting software and online invoicing tool, Sage One, makes bookkeeping easy, no matter your background. With Sage One, there’s no crunching numbers and, best of all, no spreadsheets.

Missed Calls

Taking a phone call during the middle of a business meeting may be off putting to both your clients and your team. However, there are just some calls you cannot ignore. If you’re frequently stepping out of the room and fumbling with your phone to identify the caller, you may want to consider the Apple Watch. Apple’s smartwatch displays calls, texts and emails directly on the watch face, so you can stay up to date with what is happening outside of the room discreetly. With the techy watch you can politely excuse yourself from the room without your peers knowing that you’re taking a call or answering an email. Plus, the Apple Watch makes for a bold fashion statement.

Misplaced Documents

Gone are the days of using a filing cabinet to store important documents. Today, savvy small business owners have shifted to the cloud. Cloud-based tools, like Dropbox, can house all of your important documents. What’s great about the cloud is that none of your files are stored on your hard drive, which makes working remotely or on location a breeze. Plus, if you need to share a file, all you need to do is copy the shareable link or insert an email address.

From content to file storage, these are the top tech tools you should be using as a small business owner.


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