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Earn Global Business Experience Along With Your MBA

BusinessEarn Global Business Experience Along With Your MBA

A Master’s in Business Administration is among the most popular graduate degrees offered by North American colleges and universities, and with many experts projecting growth in the job market of many business sectors, it stands to reason that the pursuit of a business graduate degree is more akin to a sound investment than a huge expenditure.When thinking about pursuing an MBA, it pays to do your research into the right business school as your choice will play an important role in making the most out of your business education.

In today’s globally-driven world, many students are deciding to pursue a business degree with an international flair. The term “global marketplace” in the international business world is so ubiquitous in today’s hyper tech-savvy, hyper-globalized world that is has basically become a cliché, but as we all know, clichés are based on more than a mere modicum of truth. As any successful company knows, international markets determine the strength of markets at home, which means that all businesses are becoming more and more reliant on the health of the global economy. This is why the business leaders of tomorrow must become familiar with and understand the ins and outs and challenges of working within this international economic model.

This is why many students are choosing to pursue an MBA degree with an international study option — it keeps them ahead of the learning curve. Studying for an MBA will allow you to gain unparalleled knowledge of the fundamentals of corporate finance and financial theory, but when you study abroad and see the theories of international economy at work, your knowledge base will grow greater still, due in large part to the increased emphasis on non-native markets, where many more variables come into play.

Many of the best business schools in the world are located in Europe, andacquiring an MBA from one of these reputable schools carries more value than one might think. As the overall MBA “brand” becomes more diluted with the increased supply of global graduates, a business degree from a top-ranked school such as the London School of Economics or INSEAD is a definite advantage.

As few students have the money to pay for travel and living expenses as well as the increased tuition associated with studying abroad, many students are turning to Canadian business schools with an international option. If you live in Ontario, there are several business schools that can help you achieve your goals. The MBA program at Wilfrid Laurier University offers several ways to gain international experience. You may choose to immerse yourself in a different culture by participating in one of their International Study option courses that will allow you to gain valuable experience that employers will find impressive. You may choose to complement your general MBA with international experience by participating in either the International Business study trip elective or attending an MBA summer school of your choosing. Both options will offer you course credit towards your MBA degree.

Pursuing international MBA programs through Wilfrid Laurier will allow you to participate in one of two international options. The international business study trip elective is a two-week excursion that allows students to learn how business operates in a foreign country. Students will participate in business meetings and company tours in the host country, as well as gain valuable insight into the particulars of business culture in that part of the world. The second option is the opportunity to attend summer school in a foreign country. This is a great way for students to network with MBA students from all over the globe. The greatest benefit of this option is that you can choose from a list of schools that Laurier is already in contact with, or you can choose any school you like. Grab your business future by the horns and explore international study options for your MBA degree.


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