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Embrace Digital Signage Solutions For Your Business In 2016


As the calendars turned and we fully enter 2016, it’s apparentnow more than ever that the marketing strategies businesses use reflect the age. Fully ensconced in the digital age as we are, the driving force behind techniques evolves as new technologies are created. What worked in the past – think the radio jingles, flyers, and signs of yesteryear – have no place in marketing today. Their task (to inform an audience of sales, promotions, and other information) has been appropriated by new digital signage solutions engineered by leading electronics manufacturers. With the full force of the latest technological advances behind them, these manufacturers can make video displays and LED walls with absolutely stunning resolution. Marketers in turn can display beautiful videos, provide interactive touchscreen displays, and circulate information in ways never thought possible.

Digital signage
Their success relies on its dynamism. Unlike print media and older electronic displays, digital solutions can change, evolve, and interact with its audience. They echo the way consumers are now absorbing information, as these signs mimic the screens that they have in their hands or back pockets. Just as their smartphone can open up a short, amusing video or supply information at the touch of a button, digital solutions have the ability to create interactive material that will capture their attention faster and for longer than any static display.

Consider presenting the average consumer with a full page of text to read. If they’re going to absorb the information on the page, they have to devote a considerable amount of focus to read and digest the words. Chances are, if you relied on this method to get your business’ name out there, you’d already be under. No one wants to be reading that much just to be told what to buy. Now consider showing them a short (perhaps 30 second) video ad. It can include all of the same information as what was provided on the page, but it’s shared in a dynamic way that’s easy to watch. Without even really trying, the average consumer will pay attention, with a high chance of engaging with your brand. This isn’t just conjecture; it’s fact, as over 63% of people find digital signage more attractive than traditional marketing techniques.

Digital solutions won’t just reach more people. While being the more effective marketing techniques, their displays are also incredible easy to maintain. Most manufacturers will offer creations services in addition to their screens to help you get on the right foot; however, business digital signage solutions by Toshiba come with a user-friendly web-based management software. This feature makes it incredibly easy to change or update existing content on your own – days, weeks, months, or years down the line. These network connection and controls mean you don’t need an expert to help create dynamic and informative displays. As long as you have a connection to the Internet, you can alter your displays to coincide with seasonal appropriate bulletins, sales, or promotions.

By staying on top of cutting-edge marketing technology, you and your business can keep your competitive edge against anyone who hasn’t yet embraced digital solutions. Considering that the majority of people think digital signage as a distinctive way to promote a brand, service, or product, that’s quite the edge! So investigate the digital signage solutions available to your company and embrace the title of innovator.


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