Social media strategies can involve different components, but they’re always built around one core element – the audience. No matter which team is working on social media services management, the campaign cannot be successful if the managers do not keep the consumer psychology in mind. Social media is rather touchy area for most of the ecommerce business. A small mistake can destroy the reputation of your brand, potentially pulling the business down.

While you might know your product inside out, you also need to understand the consumer psychology to be successful. Now incorporating the consumer psychology into your social media campaign may not be as easy. You may seek professional help from a reputable and established digital agency. A professional social media agency would first try to understand the mind-set of your customers so they can design and alter the campaign accordingly.

Recognizing the Audience

It’s important to identify and recognize the audience which will assist in designing a social media management plan. Here are some key metrics to track to learn who might be interested in your brand:

  • Product mentions
  • Brand mentions
  • Competitor brand mentions
  • Keyword mentions
  • Influencer mentions

By tracking these elements, you will get to know the best social sites for your brand. Once the right social sites are determined, you will be able to start listening to your audience.

Listening to Audience

Once you know where to find your audience, you need to start listening to them. Try to figure out what your audience wants – do they have problems with a particular aspect of your product? Are they searching for helpful tips? You need to participate in their conversations to help them out. Social media management teams need to find out what and where people are talking about you, and respond to them accordingly. This builds customer trust in your brand because they’ll believe that you are listening to them.

To understand their psychology, you need to learn more about their interests and figure out the kind of content that would keep them interested. For example, if you discover that your audience is mostly found on Quora, you’ll know that they are looking for tips and guidelines. For such an audience, you will have to design problem-solving content, because you know that they want answers. And if your audience is mostly found on Pinterest, you’ll design our content around high quality images.

After finding the target audience and the kind of content they like, you also need to check the demographics on various social media sites to decide what to advertise and where. It’s a great idea to find out who the key influencers in your industry are and engage them to make your brand more prominent to your audience. Just one mention from a key influencer can lead to a lot of traffic and engagement. If your audience is mostly found on a particular blog, and if you could get the author of the blog to write something about your brand, it could give you a lot of quality traffic.

It Boils Down To This

It’s all about understanding what they want. You can’t have a good social media management campaign if you don’t understand your consumer psychology. Look for an established digital agency that are passionate about their work and use different methods for different clients. They will research and find what your audience wants and create the plan accordingly. You have got to ensure that your campaigns will be different than the campaign of your competitors. Concept copying or duplicating campaign ideas could prove very costly for your brand.

So, not only great web design is important, understanding consumer Psychology and executing social media promotion accordingly is equally important.


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