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Advice for small business owners on creating a presentable and secure organisation


Creating a presentable and secure image of your organisation is essential for small businesses. In order to give clients and customers confidence in your products and services assessing the way that you present yourself and appear to customers is vital. Below are the best ways to create a presentable and secure image:

Presentable exterior

Having a presentable exterior is paramount to creating the right impression of your business. If your business is based in quite a visible location it’s even more important to ensure that it looks presentable from the outside. Everything from ensuring that the paintwork looks fresh to that it’s litter free and that members of staff smoking are out of sight all make a huge difference to the way that your business is perceived. Regularly auditing the exterior for litter and making sure there is a designated smoking area round the back for employees really helps.

Clean desk

Presentable interior

The inside of your business is even more important when you have clients visiting. Things like a fresh lick of paint on the walls to cover any marks and employing a cleaner make a real difference. You can get staff to help towards creating a presentable interior by instating a clean desk policy and business casual dress code mean that members of staff look presentable when clients are in the building and give an overall better impression of your business. A clean and tidy kitchen and toilet facilities also all help to create a better impression.

Secure premises

A business that takes pride in their premises presents a stable and reliable image to clients and customers. Things like ensuring that the inside looks secure is important with everything from a secure entry door to making sure that the exterior carpark is secured all making a difference. One thing that clients notice when they come to visit your business is whether or not you have secure parking and that the premises look secure. You can ensure this by using a company like Paramount Steel Fence who provide stable and secure steel fencing for the outside of your business.

As a small business the way that clients and customers perceive you is paramount to your success, so it’s well worth investing in resources that help to provide you with a better image. Despite not having a lot of spare cash as a small business, maintaining a tidy and neat exterior from the outside is a great use of your money and time and means that you’ll be regarded a business who cares about how they’re perceived.


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