Driving through beautiful communities is part of any vacation in sunny Florida. In the Ford Lauderdale area in particular, stunning real estate is everywhere. But Coral Ridge is really something special. The homes for sale in Coral Ridge along Hillsboro Mile are some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.

Coral Ridge

Although the architecture is nicely varied in Coral Ridge, there are a few near-constant features of the homes on the market along Hillsboro mile. First, they are designed to draw in the sun, that hallmark of Florida living. The condos and townhomes all boast huge windows, with the newest homes featuring cascading glass walls. Even the renovated homes situate nicely into this upscale area, with several eye-catchingly beautiful mid-century properties. Gorgeous landscaping is everywhere, and it is clear that Coral Ridge residents love their flowers. The older properties feature towering trees and shrubs to ensure privacy. More recently developed properties universally make use of Florida’s perfect growing weather, with birds-of-paradise and fountain grass cascading into green yards.

Space is key in Coral Ridge, and unlike some other areas of Fort Lauderdale the available properties are not tightly compressed onto small plots. There are sprawling grassy areas everywhere, and the condominium complexes and townhomes enjoy their own surrounding spaces. There are large driveways and passage through the neighborhoods is easy, with minimal traffic and plenty of parking in public areas. With many of the homes sitting directly on the waterfront, this is an ocean-lover’s paradise. Every kind of boater, fishermen, sunbathers, dog-walkers – you name it, the beauty of Coral Ridge beckons to them all.

Of course, the most exciting real estate showpieces in the area are the massive manors along the water, some of which slow traffic with their scale and features. There are Tuscan estates, contemporary villas, and traditional Floridian designs lined up along the Intracoastal waterway’s canals. The oceangoing vessels docked behind these behemoths are as impressive as the homes themselves, luxurious reminders that in Florida, the water is king. Many of these mansions are set back from the road to afford owners privacy and of course, as the size of the home increases, so too does the size of the lot, so that some of the larger properties enjoy almost total privacy from neighbors along with their huge lengths of water access.

Although beautiful homes abound in sunny Florida, Coral Ridge offers some of the most exciting real estate opportunity in the area.


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