Dismiss snail mail marketing at your peril, as your business can still definitely prosper from this form of marketing which is still more than capable of deliver great returns despite the perceived threat of email and online marketing channels.

ou can choose from a range of address printers that will be able to support your direct mail marketing activities and then you will be ready to embark on a series of traditional mail marketing strategies which should deliver slow but steady success.

Great way of finding new customers

Many of us have some good spam filters to weed out what might be perceived as junk mail, but it seems there are still plenty of us who don’t take the same attitude towards direct mail when we receive it.

Research suggests that you may well be able to reach almost 40% of your potential new customers through direct mail advertising, as you have more chance to get through to a decision maker.

Snail mail mailboxes

The other way to look at using direct mail as a way of finding new customers, is to combine the old with the new as it were. Follow up your digital efforts with a personalized mailing and there is a good chance that you might elicit a positive response, which is not something you can be that confident of when it comes to email.

Define your objectives

For any marketing campaign or strategy to be fully effective, you need to first define your objectives before you start firing out the letters.

The way you approach designing your message and style of content will depend greatly on what it is you are looking to achieve with your communication. Decide if you are looking to win new customers or entice back old ones who haven’t been in touch for a while for example, and that plan your approach based on these specific goals.

Knowing what your end goal is will help when composing the content of your letter and help you to focus on making the approach as relevant as possible.

Call to action

Don’t forget that for a marketing message to achieve its desired impact, you not only need to have defined your objective, but also considered what your call to action message is going to be.

Direct mail marketing works well in this respect, as you can incorporate a time-specific offer or discount voucher as your call to action, which also gives you the excellent opportunity of monitoring responses, if you apply a code to each individual campaign.

Best of both worlds

When looking at your overall marketing strategy, it is often better to not dismiss out of hand one method over another.

The best approach is often to try and get the best of both worlds, which means embracing all that the internet offers you in terms of social media and your company website and combining it with traditional snail mail methods, which are still very relevant in modern marketing.

Anyone who dismisses the impact that traditional offline marketing can achieve, will almost certainly be missing out on some potential customers, who like getting mail sent to them.

Rosie Wyatt works for a marketing company and enjoys the challenge of re-inventing the wheel when it comes to marketing small businesses. She writes on the topic for a selection of business blogs.


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