Some business executives puzzle over how to improve productivity without realizing just how many hours are wasted due to poor planning, writing, and presentation skills. Consider, for example, the time wasted by disorganized meetings. They are often costly time wasters that yield minimal, if any, results. Too many managers simply haven’t seen what high impact discussions look like. With the help of communications skills training, your staff can start holding meetings that are well organized and professionally facilitated. Your staff will use meetings as problem-solving opportunities and your team leaders will use them to create a culture of accountability in your office.


Identify why staff are getting together before calling a meeting. What’s going to change, and is the desired result worth spending an hour on? Determine what information needs to be shared and what decisions need to be made. Outline the group’s goals and ask if any problems need to be ironed out during the meeting. Your staff will continue to view meetings as unproductive time unless facilitators design them with clear and achievable goals. Your team can learn how to use planners and agendas, take away highlights and actions, and implement best practices in a meeting skills workshop.

Business meeting


A team in the midst of a project needs to stay updated on their colleague’s progress. When a team operates with clear communications including goals and expectations, project managers can hold their team accountable for progress. If you create a culture of accountability, fewer employees can blame unfinished work on unclear expectations.

Creative Problem Solving

Effective team leaders call meetings to solve problems and make the best decisions. They guide team members through creative blocks and turn on the flow of constructive ideas. Engaged team members produce real results when their meeting objectives are clear from the beginning. Team leaders encourage discussion and prevent one or two strong personalities from dominating too much of the conversation. Leaders also act as diplomats and resolve conflicts interfering with progress. Engaged team members treat well-planned conversations as integral to any project. Wavelength Communication Skills Training offers workshops that will make this a reality for your team. Course leaders help professionals improve meetings and develop best practices to keep projects on schedule.

Follow Up

Team members may not retain one hundred percent of a meeting’s highlights without reference materials. If you have good note-takers, you capture the discussions, key decisions and next steps for future reference. Wavelength Communication Skills Training offers minute taking courses that help learners determine what needs to be included in the minutes and communicate it in a clear and concise way to their colleagues.

Make sure your facilitators know how to prepare, set goals, lead conversations and capture meeting outcomes. Learn more about how your office can turn wasted time into productive work with communication skills training at Business professionals are not born with listening and speaking skills, but anyone can learn them. It’s time to unlock your team’s hidden productivity by honing its ability to communicate effectively.


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