As more and more people join the world of blogging, it seems as though even greater numbers are looking to monetise their sites. You actually can create an amazing blog and make money while you’re at it because there are several ways in which to bring money in. Bear in mind that a blog is not exactly an e-commerce site so the way you go about monetising it is actually much simpler than listing products, keeping up with inventory and everything that goes into retail selling.
Rather a blog is sort of an online journal, magazine if you will, and the content hast to take precedence. Once you begin populating your blog with high quality content, you can start looking at ways to let it make money for you seamlessly in the background.

1. Affiliate Programs

For at least a decade, online affiliate programs have been a huge success if approached correctly. Your blog can be about almost anything on earth and if the links you provide to products for sale are followed, you can actually make a good bit of income each and every month. Say for example your blog is about beauty and health. You can link to laser hair removal products that you neither need to carry in stock or personally sell. The click-through code on your link tells the merchant how the customer got there and you get a commission for every sale made via your site. Just write really good content and chances are high that visitors to your site will be interested enough to click through.


2. Reseller Web Hosting

Whether you pay an annual rate or pay monthly, it costs to keep a high quality blog online. Here is where your hosting company can help you not only publish your blog for free but can also help you earn residual income on the side. Why not sell some of the resources you aren’t using to visitors interested in hosting for their own sites? In the UK, is a great place to check out how reseller hosting works and what you need to do to become a reseller. Imagine maintaining a blog for free and also getting paid to do something that you really enjoy. It’s amazing just how exciting this can be.

3. Give Them a Taste and Sell the Rest

You can also make a ton of money selling eBooks that you write. If your content is good enough and it piques the interest of your visitors, chances are they will want to know the full story. Whether you have a cooking blog and are trying to sell a recipe book or a spiritual site that offers a self-help guide on a spiritual journey, you can catch their attention on your blog and then link them to the landing page or third party site where they can buy your book.

4. Third Party Adverts

Perhaps the most famous of third party adverts that you’ve already heard of are Google AdWords and Google AdSense. Of course even those who have never developed or maintained a blog have heard of Google ads – they’re all over the Internet in literally every country in every language. There are a number of different kinds of Google ads that will pay you such as PPC (paid per click) that earn you money every time a visitor clicks through to the advertiser’s site as well as those that earn you a commission if a product or service is purchased. It takes a little bit of time to effectively set up these to work with your theme, but once the code is in place (usually through plugins) you can begin earning money the very same day.
You can also charge companies to post articles on your blog by a process called Guest Posting, but if you want your blog to be your very own baby without outside influence, you don’t need to let others post if you don’t want to. However, it really is a great way to make money and you could earn thousands upon thousands of pounds annually charging to have posts on your site. Even so, these four ways to monetise your blog should get you started making money and will also help you gain rank as well. Have fun blogging and don’t spend all your money in one place!


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