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Digital Marketing Tools Every Business Should Consider Using


Online businesses and digital marketers have never had as many high quality tools available to help them become more efficient and professional as they do today. However, there are also many digital marketing tools that are gimmicks and simply a waste of time. Below are some of the tools that can really benefit your business.


It’s vital to keep in contact with shoppers, potential customers and current customers. Email is the most effective way to achieve this objective. However, it can be difficult to manage large lists of email addresses and communicate with the people on your lists. This problem becomes even more difficult as an email list grows.
This is where an autoresponder comes to the rescue. An autoresponder is a software system that stores contact details of people who visit a website and want to keep up to date with the website’s latest offers through email. A business can schedule the emails they wish to send to these email list members or send one off broadcast messages to their list members whenever they want.

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Website Analytics

It’s important to know as much as possible about the people who visit your website. If you don’t have this information, you will not be able to tell how successful your marketing efforts are. As well as this, a business may be making mistakes and not be aware of them.
All of this activity and more can be monitored and recorded using a website analytics system like Google Analytics. These analytics systems are simple to install and view. You add a piece of code to each of your website pages. All of the details of each website visitor are recorded and can be viewed in a private analytics administration panel, that is usually available to log in to online. You can find out information regarding your customer demographics, your bounce rate, and the amount of visits your site gets. Check out hosting providers like Planet Hippo if you need to improve your site’s loading speed and lower your bounce rate.

Keyword Tools

The words and phrases used by shoppers and potential customers are extremely important. Some words and phrases are used when people are researching products and services. However, other words and phrases indicate that an internet user is more intent on buying a specific product or service. It can be difficult to guess or understand what these buying words and phrases are.
Keyword tools such as the Google Keyword Planner make this a much easier task to accomplish. With many of these tools you can enter a keyword or phrase related to your business and these systems will return a number of related keywords and their search numbers. You can also enter your own website address or a competitor’s website addresses to see what keywords people use to land on each site.

Graphic Design Tools

A professional graphic designer can do amazing things to make a website look more professional. However, there are tools that can help you produce amazing graphics work too, especially if you want to carry out simple alterations to images or you have a tight budget. Photoshop is the graphics package of choice for most graphic designers, but there some excellent free alternatives such as Canva and Gimp.
Certain tools make digital marketing a much more straight-forward process. The tools mentioned above are just some examples of the tools that will make your life easier when it comes to online marketing.


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