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Earn a Master of Finance Degree with your MBA


Passing the Chartered Financial Analyst exams is likely one of the biggest challenges you will face in your early professional career. The rewards are tremendous, but you will have to think carefully about the Business school that you attend to earn your Master of Finance and facilitates your study for the CFA exams. Schools with superior pass rates are proven institutions, however, there are a number of qualities to look for if you’re considering an MFin, such as the option to complete it alongside an MBA, completing it part-time, and the connections you can make at a diverse campus.

Combining Degrees

Many people struggle to decide which career path is best for them. An MBA prepares professionals to take on leadership roles in the corporate world, equipping them with the broader expertise of management and decision making and opening up a larger range of opportunities. An MFin, on the other hand, gives candidates a deeper understanding of finance, investment bank and asset management. The MFin degree program at Laurier in Toronto also includes the preparation for the first two levels of the CFA® exam. If a candidate to the Laurier MFin has already passed one of the first two levels, they may receive a course exemption, which is a savings in time and money. The combination of the degree and the designation exams, takes longer to complete, but graduates will walk away with the broad experience of a Master of Business Administration as well as the technical expertise sought by financial firms.

Programs for Working Professionals

Part-time programs allow people who are already in the midst of their careers to continue to work while they study. Real corporate experience is integral to graduate business studies, and forward thinking universities are making it easier for people to balance work with their education. Part-time programs make it easier to pay tuition fees and keep in touch with the business connections you may have made since entering the workforce. Programs that take place on alternating weekends help students manage their busy lives without sacrificing the career changes they envision for themselves.

Learn How to Think Differently

Wilfrid Laurier University, a school that offers a part-time double degree, the MBA and the MFin challenges its students with its Integrated Core teaching method. The eight core courses of business are taught as a seamless integrated approach to understanding business. Students leave the Integrated Core study capable of facing real world challenges with a full spectrum of knowledge fromthe core fields including organizational behaviour, strategic management, and analytics. An MBA with the Master of Finance Program is for professionals who want to challenge themselves and prepare for the future with every asset available. Combined with a research consulting project and Finance courses like Investment Management and Advanced Corporate Finance, the double degree prepares candidates for a promising career.

Downtown Toronto

Toronto is the financialcapital of Canada and a global city with international connections. It’s a great place to live, work, and study. Laurier’s part-time alternate weekend MBA degree programsare delivered at its downtown Toronto MBA campus, located in the Sun Life Financial Tower. Easily accessible by subway and streetcar and located in the heart of the city, it’s in a prime location for busy professionals eager to change or advance their careers. Knowledge and experience are your greatest assets in the corporate world. Get ready for your future now and apply for combination MBA and MFin (CFA ®) double degree downtown Toronto.

Living in Toronto is a life-changing experience for anyone, because this city, the largest in Canada, has that cosmopolitan, multicultural and modern touch that young adventurers love.

Toronto has something for everyone. If you want to  work, you will have access to excellent work opportunities. As for its culture, you should know that almost half of the city’s population comes from another country. And if you want to live the adventure in Toronto you will find thousands of surprises.


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