Innovation is undeniably one of the very top priorities for any company. It represents the future and the path to growth. In the world of ingredient, additive and chemical distribution, innovation is often represented by three major categories. The first is momentum growth, the second is penetrating new geographies through technology, and the third is investment in the future. The first two metrics are fairly straightforward as innovation plays an important role in both because no company is fit to predict trends in value-addition or supply chain optimization without formulations that are specific for the target geography or that employ innovative business models that encourage and allow for expansion in a particular region.

The right chemical distributor will successfully unite global ingredient manufacturers and your North American industry because they are dedicated to bringing a competitive global supply network to your business by sourcing original and innovative products in markets such as healthy aging, green cleaning, food chemistry, and pharmaceutical development sectors. The right distributor can introduce you to the newest trends available and allow you to provide your end users with the products they need.

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But how does one measure investment in the future? This is a more difficult metric to qualify. Oakville distributor Cambrian Solutions measures such future innovation by supporting chemistry in the classroom. Study after study has demonstrated that an investment in tomorrow’s innovators will help jumpstart innovation today. Cambrian is a very proud sponsor of the You Be The Chemist program and participates in a number of fundraising events including a golf tournament at Lionhead Golf & Country Club that saw their Operations team in tandem with industry colleagues, customers, and suppliers to provide much-needed support to the program. You Be The Chemist is an online, innovative, bilingual, and curriculum mapped program, which offers complimentary resources to elementary teachers across the country. The program promotes the positive use of chemistry andchemical initiatives, and engagestoday’s youth and encourages younger generations to think about a future in the chemical industry.

Cambrian is proud to support the You Be The Chemist committee as they pursue the following objectives:

  • Inspiringtoday’s young people to pursue a future in the science of chemistry, highlighting the exciting career opportunities within that sphere.
  • Enhancing scientific education through innovative, hands-on techniques, and,
  • Promoting acceptance of general long-term change in the public’s understanding and acceptance and understanding of chemistry and the chemical industry.

Visit to learn more about the You Be The Chemist program and other initiatives that invest in the future of chemicals and chemical distribution.

The right chemical distributor will help bridge the gap between chemical advancements and your niche industry, and you’ll also feel proud investing in tomorrow’s burgeoning talent and technology. A trend-conscious chemical and ingredient distributor like Oakville’s Cambrian Solutions will help you deliver innovative materials to your end-users, while staying on the fore of chemical innovation trajectories.


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