Why You Need to Plan Your Booth Display

Trade shows can be extremely helpful in launching my business and finding new customers. Trade shows are excellent sources for networking within specific genres. For instance, as a certified wedding planner, I take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks to plan for an upcoming trade show. My goal at any trade show is showcasing my business while displaying a level of success and professionalism that will draw in new customers.

Trade  show

Pick the Right Trade Show

Bigger trade shows are not always better trade shows. I have noticed that selecting the largest trade show does not always generate the most revenue or business. When too many people attend a trade show, it is hard for me to spend one on one time with potential clients. If I have a well planned and attractively designed booth, it will draw many consumers to my booth and from open to close of the trade show I am very busy.

Do the Research

Before launching my business in a new area, I scope out any local trade shows. Not only is this a good way to size up the competition, but it is the best way to see how popular the trade show is in the public’s eye.

When I attend a trade show as a guest instead of as a vendor, it allows me the freedom to walk around and see what works for other vendors.
Competition is the best way to see how popular the trade show is to the public.

Instead of investing hundreds of dollars in booth rentals, product designs, and marketing material, I evaluate the trade show and see if it has the potential of bringing me more customers to my business.

These observations give me the opportunity to see what other vendors do with their booths so that I may design something truly unique, unlike what any other vendor offers to the trade show attendees.

Outline Specific Objectives

Now I must take the time to plan for the trade show. Before each show, I sit down and describe my specific goals. Depending on the following criteria depends on how I plan my booth.

. The size of the trade show
. How many other vendors similar to my business will be attending?
. The size of the crowd expected at the trade show

I decide whether or not this trade show can generate new revenue for my business. Precise planning gives me a chance to,

. Find new client leads
. Market a new product
. Locate professional contacts to help further my business.

Each trade show brings different opportunities to grow my business both personally and professionally.

Things to Consider When Creating an Effect Exhibit

Exhibits Etc customer trade show displays not only need to be visually pleasing but, needs to set in the right area at any trade shows. Where I set my booth at any trade show, determine if I develop more sales leads.

The best place to set my booth is in high foot traffic areas near entrances, restrooms, and concession stands. I know that I must avoid dead-end aisles and vendor areas located as far away from the entrance as possible. It is a well-known fact that those areas tend to get the least amount of traffic to their booths.

When designing my booth, I consider what I can offer the attendees to help draw in new customers such as,

. Samples
. Freebies
. Contests
. Quality printed materials

All of these ideas bring me new clients to my business. Handing out a simple flyer just does not cut it anymore. I need to engage


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