Leaflets are still considered effective when it comes to advertising. There are people who read what is written in leaflets. The only thing that you need to remember is that not all people will read what you have written on the leaflet. There are those who will be interested in the products that you sell while others just can’t relate to them. Therefore, it is essential for you to take a closer look at the target audience so that you will know where to distribute the leaflets and who should receive them.

Finding the key places

As always, it is essential to position yourself in a crowded area to distribute leaflets. More people will receive the leaflets if you distribute them in key places. Even if some people won’t read the leaflets or just throw them away, at least there is a good chance that a lot of them will read it.


Determining the right demographics

You should not bother giving out leaflets to just anyone passing by. You need to know if your products are appropriate for them or not. For instance, if you are selling items for kids, you must distribute the leaflets to parents. If you are selling food, then you can give it to families walking together or groups of friends. You have to carefully study the people who should receive the leaflets.

Decide the right time

Time is essential for leaflet distribution. If you are selling food, then you should distribute leaflets during lunch time or dinner time for maximum impact. By doing this, you are distributing your leaflets at the prime time when people might be motivated to act on your promotion or special offer. During times when they don’t need what you offer, your leaflet is basically useless.

Choose the right printing company

There are a lot of leaflets that have great content, but are just not attractive enough. This has something to do with the printing service. You need to find the right printing companies to do the job. Otherwise, everything will be wasted. If the final output looks dull and lifeless, people won’t bother to look at the details. You will see them throwing the leaflet away after a glance. You need to study the choices for printing services. This is true not just for leaflet printing but for banner printing and exhibition stands too.

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